THE BIG PICTURE – family research

THE BIG PICTURE – family research

Hello my fellow Bicknells and much loved extended family.

I though you may like to know the recent progress toward bringing you a comprehensive Family Tree.

The Bicknell Association has acquired the services of seven expert Bicknell Genealogists (3 in the UK and 4 in the USA), giving their time freely toward collaborating, on a daily basis, combining their knowledge and 20+ years of research, into one BIG FAMILY TREE on the Ancestry Website.

When they say BIG they’re talking of over FORTY THOUSAND entries!
It’s a large project, dating back to the 1400’s in Somerset, UK. So, as you may be able to appreciate the scale of the challenge in identifying the connections that make up the amazing Bicknell Family.

With sincerest thanks to our ‘Founding Fellows’ (donors-and-fellows) and their generous donations, ‘The Bicknell Association’, has raised the initial funds required to support the Experts Team as they start the project, with some of the tools required. They are excited and looking forward to providing you all with access to the Bicknell Family Tree, on Ancestry, in just a few weeks’ time.
As with all things, the more funding the team has access to the more can be achieved, so please donate and help if you can. Thank you.

The team have had a lot of enquiries, so they know how much this means to everyone and appreciate your patience. The information held in the BIG TREE needs to be as accurate ‘as possible’ and there are many thousands of citations (Ancestry ‘Hints’) that need to be validated, which must be done carefully and accurately.

The second phase is where you come in, ‘YES – BICKNELL NEEDS YOU!’
Soon, the experts will be looking to you to share what you know ‘for sure’ and ask you to check the tree for your line and confirm, or add, to the citations. More on that soon.

We also have a generic email address –, to use for your enquiries and submissions about the family tree. Please do not use it yet; hold off until we announce that the BIG TREE is ready and debugged. Thereafter, when you write to that address, we will re-distribute the email to the correct people in the Bicknell Family Tree Experts Team and one will get back to, hold your hand or seek info for you.

In the meantime, the formation of ‘The Bicknell Association’ is under way.
However, help is still needed to fill several vacant roles including a Treasurer to oversee the annual accounts. So have you got the skills and a little spare time on your hands? Would you like get involved with this amazing opportunity?

Can you, or do you know anyone suitable, that can help?
For full details –

The first inaugural meeting will take place on Sunday 4th April. Officers will need to be proposed and seconded. Key amongst the positions is that of a treasurer. This can be anyone located anywhere in the world and will only require minimal time on a few occasions throughout the year, to review the accounts of The Bicknell Association and prepare basic reports.

Many thanks, Del (On behalf of The Bicknell Association)
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