The Bicknell Family

Everyone’s family is important to them, but the Bicknell family has some fascinating instrinsic features. There is some evidence that the vast majority of Bicknells in the United States are descended from one man, Zachary Bicknell, who came over from England to the US in the first ship after the Mayflower. In the UK, most Bicknells are descended from one of the major branches of the family, the Taunton Bicknells, the Bridgwater Bicknells, the Farnham Bicknells and the Woolavington Bicknells… although we do no not know how far back they are linked. Sidney Algernon Bicknell wrote tomes of history of the family but the Director of the Somerset Historical Society came out saying that his contention that we are all descended from the Baron de Pavilly who came over with William the Conqueror is… balderdash. For the moment, who knows?

Now that we have such powerful tools, pooled information in and mass DNA analysis being two of them, we can answer many of the unknowns. And with this research comes a better knowledge for each of us about our roots, our orgins and what has gone before. We that, we probably face the future even better.

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Marcus, 11 February 2021