The Bicknell family tree project… let’s go

The Bicknell family tree project… let’s go

Your chairman writes…

Festive greetings to you and I hope your holiday plans are all set for family fun over the next couple of weeks. As 2021 is coming to a close I thought it would be a great opportunity to let you know some progress the Bicknell Association has been making toward our family history research. With generous donations, large and small, we have been able to start several key genealogy projects.

Firstly: Bicknell has now been registered on the Guild of One-Name Studies –
Committee member and one of the expert Bicknell genealogists Susanne Mori will be utilizing the tools of the Guild to record progress on the Bicknell Tree.

Secondly: Lisa Junkins, also on the Committee and expert genealogist is heading up a Y-DNA project, on Family Tree DNA. Over time it is hoped that this will provide genetic profiling of the Bicknell Male line, possibly stretching back 100’s of years! Check out the beginnings of this at
This will allow us to confirm various connections within the ‘All Bicknells’ tree and prove, or perhaps disprove, various held beliefs regarding those connections. Such as… Are the Warwickshire Bicknells related to the Somerset family? Is there proof of the Bicknell/Becknell lines being joined? And can we identify the true identities of various immigrants, to the USA, Australia, Canada etc, such as Zachary founder of the MA line, or William founder of the Southern VA line? I’m very excited and can’t wait to see some of the results during the early part of next year. If you’re a Bicknell male maybe you’s like to join the project? If so, get in touch soon, many thanks.

And thirdly: The fun, but time-consuming, ongoing, and meticulous work of the Genealogy Expert team to ensure that the ‘All Bicknells’ tree in Ancestry has accurate and proven citations, for each of the 30k+ records it currently holds. If you would like to take a look at what’s already in the tree then drop an email to to request guest access. (You will need an account on Wait though, that all sounds fantastic, right? but hey “What can I do to help?!?!” I hear you cry, well mutter maybe.

The festive season is an ideal time to sit with family and share those stories of those heroic Bicknells exploits from your past. What do you know of your family line and, more importantly, can you bring it into the big project? Why not make a note of what you have, dates of Birth/Christening, Marriages, and burials, what about those names of fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, and all those Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and on. Check if it’s in the ALL Bicknells tree and if not, send as many details as possible to

On behalf of your association committee, thank you for all your support in 2021. We wish you very merry holidays, good health, and happiness. And don’t forget to post all those wonderful family gathering photos here in this group, for us all to celebrate.
Thanks, Del.

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