The Bicknell crest – quick, buy one now

The Bicknell crest – quick, buy one now

This is a rare offer that is indeed unrepeatable. David Linstead who makes these crests is retiring in a week but he has offered to keep his remaining stock of standard shields with the Bicknell coat-of-arms as shown on the image.

David says “I have come to a decision to cease trading and retire after the 18 December. I will, however, be using up my remaining stock of 2 dozen woods with the new Standard plates (8×6 inches) into the New Year at £35 (GB pounds, approx $46 US dollars) each. I can also send direct to USA at £50 ($66) each. My Parchments are now all sold out. If you would like to order for a post-Christmas delivery then please email me <> with visa/mc details (card number + expiry date + 3 digit number on the back) and I will supply while stocks last, as they say ! Or telephone my home number day/eve on 01732 862663. Cheers, David.”

Please go ahead and order directly with him. But do please let me know if you make and order so that I can keep track of numbers and choose the moment to buy his remaining stock to sell on to Bicknells in the future.

More details about David at…


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