The Bicknell Association

The Bicknell Association was created as a not-for-profit in January 2021 by Del Bicknell to group the interests of Bicknells everywhere and to ensure we can run this website and other initiatives. The association will be democratically run so you will be able to have your say. Read about our mission statement, statutes, committee, and administration under the drop down menu “The Bicknell Association” above or here.

The status of The Bicknell Association is a Charitable Unincorporated Association under the United Kingdom’s 2011 Charities Act i.e. a simple not-for-profit in British law but not a registered charity (which involves large set-up costs and onerous, expensive, reporting obligations). This status is valid worldwide. Our bank account, PayPal etc are for the Association in this form.

To get Founder Fellowship (up to the end of September 2021) and to show your support for the initiative please visit and While you’re at it, do please sign the Guest Book and tell us about yourself.

Report on the meeting of 14 February 2021