Green flag in the air: The Bicknell Association is under way.

Green flag in the air: The Bicknell Association is under way.

Report by Marcus Bicknell

The first Zoom meeting of the core group of The Bicknell Association was a very satisfactory affair on Valentine’s Day Sunday, 14 February 2021. Participants from USA, Canada and UK (indeed, one of our USA relations called in from Mexico) introduced themselves and expressed their wish-list for our new grouped genealogical research and activities. We all agreed the new website is a great basis for sharing information as is the Facebook “Bicknell – The Family” group at .

The dozen people invited by Del Bicknell knew why they were there and what they would like to get out of a serious pooled effort to intensify the research on our family tree. It was such a good forum that we decided to repeat the Zoom meetings every two months on the first Sunday of each even month. Therefore the next will be Sunday, the 4th of April 2021 (thereafter June 6, Aug 1, Oct 3, Dec 5 this year). The meetings will be open to all Fellows of The Bicknell Association and topics may be prepared and circulated in writing to maintain efficiency in the online meetings. It should be said that Del Bicknell’s assured style, soothing but firm voice, jacket and tie (left of the middle row in the screen grab) and knowledge of the family affairs made it a very well-organised meeting and a pleasure to participate in.

We also decided that April 4 (4pm London 11am EST) will be the inaugural General Meeting of the Bicknell Association at which an important task will be to elect officers. With this in mind please look at the list of those posts which we need to fill ( )and let Del know ( if you are a candidate. Please name the Fellow proposing your candidacy and someone seconding it, although Del and Marcus will be happy to step in if you can’t find anyone. If you might like to fill a post which is not listed let him know that as well, in case we want to create it. Del Bicknell is happy to be a candidate for president of The Bicknell Association and Marcus Bicknell is a candidate for a vice president. If a leading American-based Bicknell would like to take on another vice presidency for the USA, that would be a useful proposal. Above all we need an independent Treasurer with some experience of reading a profit & loss account and balance sheet to be able to approve the accounts submitted by the accountant each year.

Do please check out our draft mission statement and statutes which can be perfected before or during the first General Meeting.

You will be glad to hear that The Bicknell Association has received donations of over £700 in the first few days which is a satisfactory sum to get going with our work on Marcus and Del reported on the corporate governance with which The Bicknell Association will be run including publications of minutes and accounts on this web site and an independent Treasurer to oversee the finances.

The Bicknells booked in for the call were…

Virginia Bicknell: Columbus, Ohio, USA –

Daniel H Bicknell: Hernando, Mississippi, USA

Felicia Jane: Flagstaff, Arizona, USA –

Brian Bicknell: Brookdale, California –

Rebekah Bicknell: Loudon, Tennessee, USA –

Margaret Singleton: Ottawa Ontario, Canada –

Bobbie Coray: Garden City, Utah, USA –

Neil Bicknell: Bolder, Colorado, USA –

Barry Bicknell: Haslemere, Surrey, UK –

Paul Bicknell: Bridport, Vermont, USA –

Susan Mori: Santa Barbara, California, USA –

Ish Bicknell: Hallowell, Maine, USA –

Aaron Bicknell

Tedi Winkler:

Marcus Bicknell: and   Marcus, for reasons best known to himself, was in blue silk and white ermine fancy dress as Sir John Bicknell who was knighted by Henry VII on the battlefield of Bosworth in 1485… but see the comment in yellow about Sir John on

… and of course Del Bicknell Nearly all of the above dipped in, and a dozen were with us throughout. Thank you, and may there be many more such good meetings.

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