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This page shows everything you might like to know about how The Bicknell Association is run. You can view our mission statement, statutes, committee members, accounts, and annual reports.

The Bicknell Association: a page with our mission statementclick here

Accounts of The Bicknell Association will be published annually here. The signatories to the Association’s bank and PayPal accounts are Derek (Del) Bicknell and his wife Karen Bicknell, acting under a delegation from the Association’s committee. Draft addition to the Statutes on Financial Delegation at …

The Bicknell Association administration is formed from the following roles and representatives. Do please contact Del Bicknell at to volunteer for one of these roles. The names against each role show those individuals who would like to stand for election at the Annual General Meeting of the Association which will be held on Sunday, 27th November 2022 at 21pm London (BST) and in the USA, 4pm Eastern Daylight Time and 1pm Pacific Daylight Time.
Also, let Del at know if you want to join the meeting.

• President – Del Bicknell is a candidate
• Vice President – Marcus Bicknell is a candidate
• Treasurer – Karen Bicknell is a candidate
• Secretary – Susanne Mori is a candidate
• Facebook Administrator (Bicknell – The Family) – Aaron R Bicknell is a candidate
• Website Editor – Vacant
• Newsletter Publisher – Vacant
• Public Relations Specialist – Vacant
• Social gathering co-ordinator – Vacant
• Webmaster/Technical Specialist – Marcus Bicknell created the website and is in post until a volunteer is found. Del Bicknell is also an editor on the website.
Historian – Vacant
• Ancestry genealogist(s) – Susanne Mori, Lisa Junkins, Margaret Singleton, Bobbie Coray, Marcus Bicknell, Aaron D Bicknell, Del Bicknell
• Public Relations Specialist – Vacant
• Social gathering co-ordinator – Vacant
• Commercial promotions co-ordinator – (New role as admin of Bicknell related business promotions on Website & Facebook, like a Bicknell yellow pages to advertise & offer discounts) – Vacant
• Director, Charitable Activities – Proposal for a new post in case we received substantial donations. An experienced volunteer, for a few hours a month work, would be appreciated. – Vacant

You can see more about the proposed roles by clicking on …

The agenda for the 2022 AGM is at:

You can see who has donated to The Bicknell Association and who has become a Fellow. Click here