Marcus Bicknell – Chiselled Features

Marcus Bicknell – Chiselled Features

Marcus’s new novel is released 2nd May 2024, available on Amazon worldwide, print, Kindle or eBook.

The romance and skulduggery of Sculpted Love, and the same characters, move on to a more threatening phase in Chiselled Features. A fatal accident befalls a horse-drawn tram; in the turmoil, the one-year-old child of Cécile and the fragile sculptor Duchien disappears. In Nancy, the city of the Beaux-Arts in north-east France in 1894, psychic media, a blind accordionist, the steam railway to Metz, the Count’s coach-and-horses, a young detective and an English au pair girl combine in the hunt for the baby. The true historical background and research appeals to readers of Ken Follett, Sebastian Faulks, Nevil Shute, Sarah Waters and Robert Harris. This novel is the second in Marcus Bicknell’s City of Nancy Trilogy.

What do the critics say? “Bold but never brash this novel rattles along with whiplash effect. A cracking read and a real page turner.” “A captivating thriller story. A delicious reading experience””The story-telling is often gripping and you want to hurry on to read what happens next.””There are plenty of twists and turns, drama is piled upon drama. The reader is involved, gripped and genuinely wants to read on. I love the mixture of fact and fiction.”

Cover illustration: La Toussaint. Oil on canvas by Émile Friant (1863-1932) Nancy, 1888.

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Published by Les Éditions de la Fonderie

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