Hands across the ocean

Hands across the ocean

We are so excited to be making stronger links between Bicknells in the USA, many of them descended from the famous Zachary Bicknell (below) and those who stayed behind in England (for no pockets of Bicknells in Wales, Scotland or N.Ireland are know to us yet!). Do please contribute as much as possible to this website by contacting Del Bicknell at info@bicknell.net

Oldest House in Weymouth, MA

The missing link? It’s probably Zachary that is a relation to all of us. He migrated to New England with his wife Agnes and their son John. They set sail from Weymouth, Dorset, England on March 20, 1635 in the company of twenty one other families from Dorset and Somerset with Rev. Joseph Hull, arriving in Boston harbor on May 6, 1635.

The ship's records are as follows:[4]

    Zachary Bicknell, aged 45 yeare 
    Agnis Bicknell, his wife, aged 27 yeare. 
    Jno. Bicknell, his sonne aged 11 yeare. 
    Jno. Kitchin, his servant 23 yeare. 
Zachary Bicknell gravestone
Zachary Bicknell – gravestone

The General Court of Massachusetts Bay granted them leave to “sitt downe at Wessaguscus, viz. …” This area had been known by this Indian name since it’s inception in 1630, but at New-Town (later known as Cambridge) on September, 1635 the name was changed to “Weymouth” as that was the name of the town in England where Rev. Hull’s company had set sail. Twenty acres of land was granted by the town of Weymouth to build a house.

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