Eva Mary Bicknell of the Farnham Bicknells 1857-1931

Eva Mary Bicknell of the Farnham Bicknells 1857-1931

A close friend in Bordighera, writer and researcher on Clarence Bicknell among others, sent me yesterday this photo of a Bicknell gravestone in Italy which is new to me. Idenfitying the soul at rest there has been quite easy. I thank SANDRAHALL83 of Ancestry.com for the detail on her family tree of the Farnham Bicknells.

Sanremo (San Remo in English) is one of the closest towns to Bordighera where the famous Clarence Bicknell 1840-1918 lived and worked (www.clarencebicknell.com and MARVELS the bio). But she has no link to him and maybe did not know about him. On the 8th of December 1925 she sailed from Southampton to Genoa, aged 68 years; she probably went to “take the air” and recover from her ills, maybe consumption. She is not mentioned in any of Clarence’s papers. In 1925 Clarence had died and was almost forgotten; there is no mention of Eva Mary in the Clarence research here.

The Farnham Bicknells have an extensive family tree visible in ALL Bicknells on Ancestry. Our champion and chairman Derek (Del) Bicknell may find, in our current research, that he is a Farnham Bicknell, but we are not there yet.

QUESTION… You can help. Do you know about Eva Mary Bicknell? Did she die alone? Did she die unloved (I hope not)

Genealogy of Eva Mary Bicknell

Father Philip Blundell Bicknell
Mother Eliza Ellis Cartwright
Birth 9 Sep 1857 Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England
Death 22 Nov 1931 San Remo, Imperia, Liguria, Italy in the Villa Igea Nursing Home
Residence 02 Apr 1911 Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England

Oldest known ancestor Robert Bicknell died 1648 of Farnham, some 15 generations back

8 December 1925 she sailed from Southampton to Genoa, aged 68 years

5 Feb 1932 • Late of Greystone House, James Street, Lincoln, Lincolnshire
Spinster. Probate granted to Philip Wimberley Bicknell, Rubber Company Representative

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  1. Bicknell is my family on my mother’s side
    Charlie Bicknell was my great grandfather
    Ernie Bicknell was my great great uncle, brother to my great grandfather
    My second cousin Marcus Bicknell I hear is exploring our family !
    Both myself, Mother and my Daughter are extremely interested in knowing so much more !!!

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