Donors and Fellows

Those who have donated to The Bicknell Association are acknowledged as Fellows and we express here our deep-felt gratitude. You can donate any amount, on the Donate page.
If you make a donation you will become eligible to receive a coveted and unique email address.

Founding Donors and Fellows as of February 9, 2021…

Peter Bicknell Kellner, USA
Aaron Robert Bicknell, Southington, CT / Little Deer Isle, ME U.S.A.
Jerome Howard Bicknell,
Ginny Lou Bicknell,
Larry Bicknell,
Daniel H. Bicknell Sr., Memphis USA
Lisa Bicknell Junkins, USA
Bobbie Coray, Utah, USA
Paul Bicknell, Vermont, USA
Felicia, Arizona, USA
Susanne Collier Mori, California, USA
Del Bicknell, Southampton, UK
Karen Bicknell, Southampton, UK (Mrs Del Bicknell)
Susie Bicknell, London, UK (Mrs Marcus Bicknell)
Marcus Bicknell, London, UK