The Bicknell Association has no other source of funding, so we would be delighted if you would like to make a donation towards our overheads like the website, Ancestry subscriptions and other research. In order to gain the greatest benefit from everyone’s efforts, the association requires funds in order to function and provide the genealogy tools and YDNA analysis for all to use.

We have suggested below some levels of giving, like “Essential” subscription at $5 per month, or “Foundation” at $15 per month, but there is an option to give any amount you’d like. We were delighted to receive in mid-2021 a donation of $20,000 and that will see us on our way to some productive work. Stay tuned.

If you are in a position to be able to contribute, please use one of the options below, to make a donation. Your gift can be anonymous, however, we would like to acknowledge all our supporters and hope you will provide your name and approximate location (e.g. London, UK). The Benefactors page lists our supporters as ‘Fellows of the Bicknell Association‘. The amount of donation will be withheld at your request.

If you donated before the end of September 2021 you will be listed as a Founder Fellow of the Bicknell Association, with our gratitude.

In addition, by way of thanks for your gift, we can offer you an email address in the form – Cool eh! No one could doubt you’re a proud member of the Bicknell family, worldwide, on the net, it’s right there in all your emails. Forwarding is set up in each case so that you receive your emails to your existing mail.

If you can help, the Association would be grateful for any funds you may be able to offer. A regular subscription provides the oportunity for the Association to plan & budget for events. But we also welcome one-off donations to ‘boost the budget’. Please use one of the PayPal buttons shown below, or donate anonymously using the GoFundMe option.

Note posted 25 February 2022 by Marcus for Del: our PayPal facility will be up soon when our corporate bank account is finalised. A week or two maybe. In the meantime please use the GoFundMe option below or email for our bank details.

Regular Support Options
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To make a bank transfer to The Bicknell Association please email for the bank details.

When you donate please email indicating
* The name you would like to be listed as a ‘Fellow’. This could be a collective name.
* Your approximate location (Raton NM, Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia, London England, etc.)
* Whether the gift is anonymous – Your listing entry will show: Anon
* Your preferred email form i.e., etc.

All funds will be accounted for by the, to-be-appointed. Treasurer of the Bicknell Association, who will remain independent from the President, Vice-President and others helping to run the Association (who will be elected at the first General Meeting) for the purpose of accountability and governance. The Association will be run on a ‘Not for Profit’ basis according to our Mission Statement and Statutes and our accounts will be published annually here.

As at Feb 9, 2021, the accountant and the treasurer have not been apointed. Do you have the skills and would you like to volunteer? It’s is not going to be very time-consuming, something like an hour a month and an hour or two doing the year-end report. Thanks!