Del and Marcus: at your service and excited

Del and Marcus: at your service and excited

Del and I, Marcus, are so excited about the launch of and The Bicknell Association later today, and we thank Bicknells everywhere for the enthusiastic response to the initiatives. Del has over 700 Bicknells on his contact list, and counting.

Marcus Bicknell meets Del Bicknell in 1996. On the wall behind is but a small part of the monster computerised family tree (mostly UK, Oz and NZ) that Marcus has compiled. Del’s USA database is even bigger.

Why are we doing this? Well, in our stressful lives each of us likes to know where we came from and where we are going. Knowing about your forebears gives roots to the thriving tree which is your life. Now that records are digitised, so efficient and DNA matching available to us all, studying the family has never been easier nor more fun.

Your Valentine’s treat is the ALL-NEW BICKNELL.NET website and The Bicknell Association, newly-formed, with much love to Bicknell worldwide. As most of you know already, because here you are reading this, the big reveal is/was on Valentine’s Day, Sunday 14th February 2021 @ 4pm (Greenwich Mean Time) = 10am (Eastern Standard Time) & 2am on Monday morning for our Australian cousins!

… and a Zoom call two hours later, see below.

Del writes “It’s been several weeks in the making and about 20 years overdue, but we’re finally ready for launch.
There’s a great deal of content, many wonderful stories, several PDF-Flip books, family history and much, much more to be enjoyed.

BUT… guess what… WE NEED YOUR HELP.
Let’s take this moment as a new opportunity to re-unite the Bicknells and keep the momentum going.
That means more from you, the kind of stuff you already know and have been sharing with your closest relatives for generations.

“I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love reading about out family, tales of old and new alike.
We need your stories, from all over the globe. Let’s hear about the first settlers in Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, etc, etc.
How, when, where did the Bicknells get to your town. What position did they have in your society. What influence did they have on the art, culture, law & order, etc, etc, Were they top athletes, artists, writers, inventors, pioneers, trailblazers….. oh the tales!

Our Famous Bicknells page will have an addendum at the bottom for the horror stories! Send your tidbits to me, Del Bicknell,


“Also, coming soon… A combined, and VERY LARGE, genealogy database on… a chance for you to delve in and find your heritage. As one of the oldest family names, you’ll be amazed at what we already know and the fun of finding your ancestors, all the way back to the early 1500’s.

“The Zoom Call…
Marcus & I would like to host a Bicknell Web-site Launch Video call, on ZOOM, at 6pm (GMT), 1pm (EST), and early hours of Monday morning in Australia.
We would love to have you join us, for a brief hello and to answer any questions relating to the website, Association or other Bicknell family related topics.
Just for fun and a little prosperity, we will record the meeting and post it to
You’re more than welcome to pop your face in briefly, no pressure to say anything.

If you would like to participate in this celebration, you will need to pre-register via a ‘Private Message’ on messenger ( ). I will then reply with the log-in details.

“Thank you & hope to see you soon, Del.”

Want to know where to start on the website? Have a look at Famous Bicknells in The Bicknell Family menu and the Library in The Bicknell Blog menu, then subscribe to Del’s newsletters at and don’t forget to sign the guestbook at

Looking forward to enjoying everything about the worldwide family with each of you.

Marcus and Del

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