Clarence Bicknell – a video invitation

Clarence Bicknell – a video invitation

Clarence Bicknell – a video invitation to you from Marcus Bicknell to join the Clarence Bicknell Association – aimed primarily at Bicknells and the wider family in the USA, Europe and worldwide. Yes please, we would love your modest support, and it would be a pleasure to count you among our number.

Marcus Bicknell invites you to join the Clarence Bicknell Association and get to know this 19th century polymath. Clarence was botanist, archaeologist, artist, Esperantist and philanthropist, born 1842 in Herne Hill and died 1918 in Casterino on the border of France and Italy. Check out all the facts and articles at

Marcus Bicknell is Clarence’s great-grand-nephew and curator of the family collection of many of his watercolours, albums and diaries. If you would like to join Clarence’s association, it’s just €25 a year, then go to If you would like to help a lot please donate at and see what swag and benefits you can get. Our funds are used to maintain the web-site (anyone running a web-site today knows that hacker attacks are so frequent that one has to budget $300 a year or more) and to invest in aspects of the Museo Bicknell in Bordighera which are of interest to visitors. Remy Masseglia’s 18-minute film and Clarence and the books were funded by Susie and Marcus Bicknell so your money does not have to go into those big capital projects.

Please contact us at and via

My piece to camera was shot on location in the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, England (where 405 watercolours in 7 albums by Clarence Bicknell are stored) in February 2023. Directors Andreea Vogt and Paul Russell of Millbank Films are making a 50 minute documentary on the English in Liguria (the part of Italy where Genoa and Bordighera are) for international distribution.

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