The BICKNELLS in the United States are all supposed to be descendants of


an English naval officer, who came to this country in 1885, and died in Wey mouth in 1686, leaving a son JOHN, the ancestor of a large and very respect able posterity. As the BICKNELL name and family is a worthy and honored one, it seems very desirable that those who have a common ancestry should meet together for the purpose of comparing notes of the history of each branch of the family, and of forming an Association for personal acquaintance; and also to gather up such material, historical facts, and records as will be of general interest, hoping that they may then be put in permanent form for preservation. To this end a preliminary meeting is called to be held at the residence of WILLIAM E. BICKNELL No. 43 Somerset Street, Boston, on Thursday Evening, December 11, 1879. You are cordially invited to be present, and are also requested to extend the invitation to all others of the BICKNELL name and descent who are interested in the objects herein stated. Please to signify to either of the undersigned, on the receipt of this circular, your willingness to co-operate in the movement and the probabilities as to your attendance. If you cannot be present, please communicate such facts concerning your own family history on the BICKNELL side as may be of interest and service in the proposed work. As Soon as an organization is effected, a record of all the branches an members of the family, so far as may be received, will be made, and you will be advised from time to time touching the progress of the work, which we hope may result in a complete genealogy of our family in which so many are interested. Please address your reply to either of the undersigned as early as is practicable.