THIS little volume contains a brief statement of the formation and organization of the Bicknell Family Association, with an account of the family re-union at Weymouth, and the speeches, poem, and addresses of that occasion. We are indebted to Albion H. Bicknell, Esq., of Maiden, Mass., for the beautiful family coat-of-arms, which faces the title page. This design belongs to the Bicknells of Spring Garden Terrace, London, and may properly be claimed as ours. The adoption of this particular crest and shield does not preclude the possible or the probable existence of other emblems in the possession of members of our own family, both in-England and America. Its beauty and characteristics are worthy of special note. It is also proper to state that the poem is the joint product of Mrs. Ames and Alfred Bicknell, a proof that the poetical talent of the family is not confined by sex lines. Sharp critics may be able to discriminate between the products of the masculine and feminine mind.

It is earnestly desired that every person, who claims descent from Zachary Bicknell, or who has Bicknell blood of any kind in his veins, will join our Association. We also solicit names and facts, such as will help us in the future publication of a volume, which shall contain a complete and interesting history as well as genealogy of our whole family. To this end, every scrap of information, history, story and tradition should be written out at once, and. sent to our family historian, Quincy Bicknell, Esq., Hingham, Mass. What is quickly done, is well done.