Bicknell Family Reunion 1977

Bicknell Family Reunion 1977

Lani Pettit, a member of our Facebook group Bicknell – The Family since 17 September 2020, posted an interesting newspaper article there this week.

“I found this August 1977 clipping on, while searching for my name! I don’t remember doing this but do remember corresponding with some of these Bicknells. I could never prove my connection from John Bicknell/Susanna Masters to Thomas Bicknell/Mary Mathusen, or felt there was no proven source in their genealogy. Maybe someone on this group can help me!”

We would love to Lani. Let us know via how you are related to a Bicknell and we, or someone reading this post, will see if we/they can help you.

Question: who can give us more information about this reunion in the city of Bicknell in 1977???

The Sun Commercial is a newspaper in the city of Vincennes, Indiana, United States. It is currently a member of the Hoosier State Press Association. The newspaper was originally created by Elihu Stout in 1804.

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  1. When did some of the first Bicknell’s immigrate to the United States what were their names and dates. Trying to find information on the two family lines in the U.S.

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