Become a ‘Founding Fellow’ of the Association.

Become a ‘Founding Fellow’ of the Association.

Hot on the back of the website launch, we have more news…
How would you like help and in doing so get your own personliased email address on, eg ?

We can offer you this, in return for a small donation, or subscription, to the “The Bicknell Association”. * ** PLUS: You will be listed on the ‘Donors and Fellows’ page as a Founder Fellow of the Association ***

Let me explain – Now that the new website is available, we are now poised to begin the next phase of the project, to collate the Family History. A number of expert genealogists will be using professional tools to collaborate on the historical family data and provide a comprehensive reference, for our family to use to establish their lineage.

However, this second phase will need resources for the team to use, and we would welcome your support in the form of a donation to the “The Bicknell Association”
To acknowledge your help and support, you will have the option of a unique Bicknell email address and join the ‘Fellowship’

All funds collected will be held on account by our Treasurer and used to fund future exciting projects and events, such as re-unions, Zoom & Social Media tools, and professional services to the benefit of all.

So how about it, can you help & play a part in this exciting project?
Please take a look at for full details.
Thank you.

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