AGM delayed, work intensifies. As with the swan…

AGM delayed, work intensifies. As with the swan…

As with the swan, graceful and elegant as it glides across a lake, unseen to the eye is all the purposeful drive and activity going on beneath the water’s surface… whilst, from the branches of a nearby tree, the Bicknell Thrush, adopted as our association’s emblem, watches on with admiration. A similar picture to that of the Genealogy team, the Bicknell Association, and the Family Project.

With the merging of decades of research, generously donated by the family historians, the task of ensuring the records are accurate, and supported by documented evidence, is evidently a long and challenging one. Amazing progress has already been made, and whilst the team appreciate the need to make the Ancestry Tree accessible, it’s important to make sure it’s as accurate as possible before it becomes a form of reference.

By means of a weekly Zoom Call, the team comes together to discuss progress and agree to the next steps. To allow for this 1st phase of the Bicknell Association project to progress to a satisfactory point, the date of the first Association Meeting, originally planned for Sunday 4th April has been postponed, for a few months, with a new date to be announced in due course. There are several nominations still outstanding for key positions in the Association and these must be taken up in order for the project to progress any further. Please consider if you may be a nominee and check the full details, visit –

It’s very exciting to see the family connect via the ‘Bicknell – the Family’ Facebook group. Sharing stories and posting wonderful pictures of family members from today, and from past generations. If you have a story to share, send it along to and we’ll make sure it goes into the website Blog, for all to enjoy. Please make sure all of your connected Bicknell family are aware of the Facebook group and extend the invite to help them find it and join. Copy and share this link –

Here’s a summary of how the group has grown over the last 3 months. Thank you for your support and interest. There is an average of 200 to 300 visitors, every day!!! How fantastic ?

We have several significant tales of notable Bicknell endeavours to share with you, so check back here on a regular basis, or watch the Facebook group for news of everything Bicknell.

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  1. I would like to be part of this endeavor however the next couple months are extremely busy for me. Once this part of my career/education path is completed i will be participating more regularly and be able to donate some to help with efforts. From down in south Texas, see y’all soon. I have linked my ancestry and ancestrydna if it helps in any way in the meantime.

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