A missing link… in Jamaica

A missing link… in Jamaica

Dear family… the topic is: JAMAICA

I have finished 5 days on and off correcting and analysing the ALL Bicknells family tree on Ancestry, the Taunton side from about Elhanan Bicknell’s grandparents downwards, so from mid 1700s. There were many mistakes in the recent family, like nephews given as sons. I think I have the essentials correct; someone uploaded a bad tree. Please let me know if you see any other errors.I have posted on a wider basis my little nugget of fun, a possible missing link …

“Jonas Bicknell was born in 1720 in Taunton, Somerset, England./ He emigrated to Jamaica when he was about 20 but contact was lost. However, James Bicknell was born in 1755 in Jamaica. Was he related to Jonas? Or even his son?

“Why is this important? Marcus Bicknell b.1948 and Lawrence Brookes Bicknell b.1945 never knew each other before Y-DNA results showed they were almost identical, i.e. descended from the same branch of the Bicknell family. We can find no genalogical link but Jonas Bicknell is a Taunton Bicknell i.e. Marcus’s relation. Lawrence Brooks Bicknell is descended from James Bicknell b.1755. Jonas could be the missing link.

“If you know anything about Bicknells in Jamaica and the link betweem Jonas and James, please let us know here or email marcus@bicknell.com. Thank you.”

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