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The following is a list of the changes to 'On Beacon Hill', with the most recent at the top:

This Page will not be updated any further -
for 'What's new' on this site please refer to postings in the

04 October 1998

Bicknell's Guestbook:- Amber Dawn (Bicknell) Gastineau, Felicia Bicknell, Adrian Richard George Bicknell, John Koger, Sam Broyles, Darlene Becnel Schnatz
Genealogy:- The account of the First Family Re-Union in Weymouth, MA and the inaugural meeting of the Bicknell Family association as recorded in an 80 page book, published in 1880
This is a MUST READ for any descendant of Zachary, and though the webmaster is a very distant cousin of this American Bicknell family "It was enthralling"
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23 August 1998

Bicknell's Guestbook:- Lawrence Barfield, Michael Zabel
Genealogy:- Phyllis Bicknell Carroll's 1981 book (supplement to 1913 genealogy) - With my greatest thanks to Phyllis for allowing me to share her 10 year labour of love with you all.
The family genealogy data contained in Phyllis's book, will take me aprox 2 months to enter into the main Family Tree Maker database and when completed will appear in the On-line genealogy pages.
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23 August 1998

Bicknell's Guestbook:- Doris June Stockebrand Bicknell, Thomas E Gregory, Phyllis Aila Bicknell Carroll, Adrian Bicknell
Genealogy:- A. Sidney Bicknell's 1911 book 'Five Pedigrees'
Covering the Bicknell origins in Woolavington, Taunton and Farnham, UK
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15 August 1998

Bicknell's Guestbook:- Dana Lynn Kaser-Nicolini, Kerry-Jayne Bicknell, Roy Gene Ringrose, Tom Gibbs
Chat :- EASY IRC !!There is now a Java applet on the Chat Page that will take you directly into the #del_bic channel on DalNet IRC.
No need to install IRC or understand how to use it... please come and try it !
You'll find the webmaster online to chat with on most Saturdays and Sundays... check the schedule

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08 August 1998

Bicknell's Guestbook:- Janet Kozlay, Dennis Reed, David Jonothon, Bicknell
Now Auto forwarding to it's new loaction at http://www.pinkink.net/newart/webcards/index.htm
1648 and 1997 Somerset county maps added, showing Bickenhall (be warned, these are large images)
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26 July 1998

Bicknell's Guestbook:- Raymond Huia White, Ted Bicknell, John Douglas Bicknell, Belinda Bicknell, Marilyn Craig, Conan J Bicknell, Allen Scott Bicknell
Anti virus :-
New Trojan alert APSTrojanT T-Online and AOL Password Stealing Trojan
Genealogy:- With the addition of another 114 entries from Ron Bicknell there are now 6,195 in the Genealogy
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11 July 1998

Well?  have you noticed a new look to the site????
Please let me have any comments about the new layout and most importantly if the changes are causing any problems
I will be checking on different pages over the next few weeks for errors, knowing there will be some that have crept in.

NOW the big change !!!
I have added a Discussion area here on the website.
It's called the

alt.family-names.bicknell newsgroup - R.I.P.
I hope you will use it to chat about anything with everyone... topics like,
Hello, American Family, Australian Family, Becknell Family, Births, Canadian Family, Events, Help Offered, Help Wanted, Lookups, Miscellaneous, New Info, New Zealand Family, Obituary, Other Nationalities, Origins, PC & Internet Tips, Services offered, UK Family, Weddings,

Bicknell's Guestbook:- Anna Menyhert, Jeffrey Bicknell, Janice K Bicknell-Criss-Doores
Anti virus :- MS Word97 Macro Virus W97M/Groov.a, W97M/Groov.b, W97M/Groov.a, W97M/Groov.b,
Win95 Exec File virus.Alias: (PE_CIH) Win32/CIH, Win32/CIH,
Win95 Polymorphic virus Win32/MarburgWin32/Marburg

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02 July 1998

Bicknell's Guestbook:- Donna Holccombe our 200th visitor to sign in :)
Paul Maurice Bicknell, Lafleur-Dassylva Maryse, Micheal John Bicknell, Todd Bicknell
Anti virus :- Re-Written (It was getting too lengthy) I will continue to report NEW virus alerts here!
MS Word97 Macro Virus W97M/Groov.a, W97M/Groov.b W97M/Groov.a, W97M/Groov.b
Genealogy:- NOW OVER 6,000 Updated!!! - Yup after many months slaving over a hot Keyboard I have now entred all the Bicknells and 95% of the related entries from Thomas Williams Bicknell's 1913 Genealogy Book.
With many other pieces of family history kindly donated by yourselves, Many Thanks :))
If you can't find your direct Bicknell relations or ancestors in the genealogy it's because I haven't had it passed to me. - No Matter how little you think you might know about your line it can, & often does, fit into the main tree so PLEASE let me know what you know and make the family grow even further.

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11 Jun 1998

Bicknell's Guestbook:- John Evans Bicknell, Brian Bicknell, Sue Travis - NOW 199.....Who's going to make the 200th ?
Anti virus :- New Virus alert WM/Copycap Word Macro virus
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06 Jun 1998

Oh dear! It would seem that another month has yet again slipped by :( Please forgive me !

Bicknell's Guestbook:- Bruce Gary Bicknell, Peter Kenneth Bicknell, Kenneth Russell Bicknell, Joshua Bicknell, Stuart Lon, Thomas George Bicknell, Marsha Kay Williams, Dwight Hamilton
Anti virus :- GRIC Windows Dial-up Networking Password Stealing Trojan
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11 May 1998
Bicknell's Guestbook:- Lori Lynch Becknell, Justin Barrington Bicknell, Michael Becknell, Pamela Bicknell
Anti virus :- New Virus alerts WM/Colors.ca, W97M/Wazzu.du, WM/MDMA.be, XM/Laroux.bp, X97M/Laroux.bp
Contacts:- Suzie R Bicknell added :)
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28 Mar 1998

The RE-Launch of the Web Site and Del's return to the genealogy

Bicknell's Guestbook:- John M. Bicknell II, Terry Young, Randy Bicknell, JohnThomas Bicknell, Bobbie Elaine Bicknell, Susan Bicknell Price, Susanna Bicknell, Charles Bicknell Pekor, Mary Bicknell, Purdy, Mark William Bicknell, Jamie Lee, Bicknell, Stacy Becknell, Susan Ann Bicknell Price, Roger William Bicknell, Suzanne Renee Bicknell, Linda Martin Bicknell, James S Bicknell IV, Suzie R Bicknell
Main menu :- There is now a SEARCH button that will probe the depths of this site and return a list of relative internal links.
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05 Feb 1998
Bicknell's Guestbook:- Denise Lynne Bicknell
Anti virus :- WM/Wazzu, W97M/Wazzu Word Macro virus

I'm sorry that 'On Beacon Hill' has become a little static recently :(
I can promise some exciting new changes that are currently in the early stages.
A Site Search facility to help located your Genealogy data
User ID and Password protected pages including a chat forum
And anything else that might enhance our Cyber Home..... Your suggestions PLEASE?

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25 Jan 1998
Legends:- New Link to photos of Bicknell, Indiana, USA

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17 Jan 1998
Anti virus :- WM/Inexist Word Macro virus
Bicknell's Guestbook:- Katherine Ann Cecilia Parys, Melissa Carol (Mosley) Hays, Joseph Bicknell

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1St January 1998
HAPPY NEW YEAR By reading this you've managed to find the New home for the Site at Ndirect.
I hope the changes haven't caused any problems, if there is anything I should know please mail me
The delay in some pages loading up was due to Zetnet's Statistical counters that have now been removed.

Bicknell's Guestbook:- Bobbie Elaine Bicknell, Samuel Leonard Broyles

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20 Dec 1997
Contacts:- Scott Bicknell now with ICQ
Surf Links:- The Bicknell's Thrush in New Brunswick, Michael Bicknell's new Home page
Lounge:- :- Newsletters No. 1,2,3,4 and NOW  5 !!! Available form Marcus Bicknell's Web Site

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14 dec 1997
Contacts:- Shelagh Bucknell (Nee Bicknell), Marcus Bicknell now with ICQ, Graeme Bicknell + ICQ
Bicknell's Guestbook:- Sean Bicknell (Mack), Terence George Bicknell, Michael Mathias
Genealogy:- NOW OVER 2,557 Updated!!! With many thanks to all that have submitted their research :)
Anti virus :- Navrhar.12888 Multipartite virus, W95/Anxiety File Virus, IRC/Acoragil & IRC/Simpsalapim  Both Worms
Lounge:- Ron has uncovered some Will's of the oldest members relating to the Southern family.
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07 dec 1997
Contacts:- The cyber family has grown again, Brad Bicknell + ICQ, John W Bicknell, and Bob's new E-mail
:- A MUST READ!!! Available form Marcus Bicknell's Web Site 'On beacon Hill No:1, No:2 and the latest No:3 and No:4
Bicknell's Guestbook:- Martin Moss, Bobbie Bicknell Coray, John Williams Bicknell, Byron Kenneth Blankenship, Noreen Gadd-Hayward, Shelagh  Bucknell (Nee Bicknell), Lonnie Joseph Becnel NEW !
NEW ! Marcus Bicknell's site - Totally rebuilt, Go NOW >>>> take a look !
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21 Nov 1997
 The First 4 chapters of Thomas Williams Bicknell's 1913 "Bicknell Genealogy" Book
                         Well worth the read!!!

BTW..... The Webmaster won't be able to get Online from 21/11/97 until 24/11/97

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16 Nov 1997
FINALLY !! After many weeks of waiting, for you, and slaving over a hot keyboard, for me.... I have made some changes.

Contacts:- Welcome to a few more newcomers, Gregory Bicknell, Michael Bicknell + ICQ, Ray P Bicknell
Bicknell's Guestbook:- Christina Bicknell-Donihue, Mary Frances Bicknell Zuidema, Stephen Bicknell (Marcus's Brother), Irene Whiteman, Ann Elizabeth Hogman, Paul Bicknell, Bradford Bicknell, Michael Paul Bicknell, Jonathan Frankel, AND our 150 visitor Richard Mills
Anti virus :- WM/Angus, W97M/Wazzu.dg Both MS Word Macro virus
Surf Links:-  Stephen Bicknell :- Organ Historian, Designer, Consultant
Photo Album:- A page full of pics from the Bicknell Gathering in St petersburg, FL, USA on 5th OCT 1997
Lounge:- I've made a start on recording the contents of Thomas W Bicknell's 1913 Book
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27 Oct 1997
OK - I'm back, had a wonderful vacation.... but time waits for no man so I'll be ploughing through a backlog of E-mail and catching up with updates for this site over the next couple of weeks.
Keep watching :)

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26 Sep 1997
Contacts:- A warm welcome to another cyber couson, Carl Bicknell

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24 Sep 1997
Bicknell's Guestbook:- Robert Stanley Bicknell
Lounge:- The Webmaster here by informs you he's GOOFING OFF to Florida :))))
Anti virus :- The Virus Spanska.4250 Virus
Surf Links:- Jim Robertson's Genealogy Home page :- The most helpful family historian IN THE WORLD !!!
Photo Album:- A new pic of Karen, Deena, Liam and Del - 1 year ON!!

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12 Sep 1997
Bicknell's Guestbook:- Joseph Bicknell, Barbara Rowe, Jonathan Bicknell
Lounge:- "American Flyer" S-Gauge Model railway rolling stock wanted. Anyone for Videophone???
Anti virus :- The Virus Baboon Virus Are you reading the 'Bicknell of the Week' Postings by Ron Bicknell in the alt.family-names.bicknell newsgroup.

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First let me apologize for the lack of updates - No excuses- I'm sorry. 03 Sep 1997
Surf Links:- Terry Bicknell's  Business Page
Contacts:-  Klint + ICQ Doug's + ICQ
Bicknell's Guestbook:- Michele Olson, Terry Wayne Bicknell, Lonnie Becnel, Sarah Bicknell, Stein Norem Wisted
Lounge:- Doug Bicknell saying hello.

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17 Aug 1997

Surf Links:- Sean Bicknell's  Home page
Contacts:- Sean Bicknell added :)
Bicknell's Guestbook:- Robert C. Bicknell, Klint Bicknell, Alan Cardy, Carl William Bicknell Jr, Jack L Dempsey, Eugene W. Bicknell, Margaret Rosemary Weitkamp

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09 Aug 1997

The Web masters Hard Drive is FIXED :)
Lounge:- The alt.family-names.bicknell NewsGroup now fully available through the WWW with any Browser :)
Surf Links:- Jerry Bicknell's Home page,  Danny's Resume, Aaron's Page, Klint's Warcraft II Page

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03 Aug 1997

The Web masters Hard Drive has turned VERY SICK !!!
I'll need to get it replaced and then go through a reload of all the applications <Sniff>
I have all the valuable Bicknell Family Info. backed up to a second HDD so nothing is lost ! <Phew>
I will let you know here when all is well again - till then take care one and all !!

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03 Aug 1997

Lounge:- The Bicknell Family Reunion In Bicknell Indiana, Sat 9th August.
Contacts:- New ICQ'ers added :)) - come on the rest of you, We had 4 cousins chatting together yesterday, IT'S FUN !!
Legends :- A link to Peirpont C. Bicknell writings on theDutchman's Lost Mine and Arizona lost mine lore.

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29 July 1997

Bicknell's Guestbook:- Elizabeth Anne Bicknell (Cortelyou), Murray Scott Bicknell, Titus Pelkey Bicknell, Barry Ornitz, Nicholas Petelle, Joe Aggrey, Robert Bicknell.
Lounge:- A note about ICQ by Joe Bicknell.
Chat :- Now What!!! --->>> ICQ (I Seek You), Del's latest and greatest scheme to bring the family a little closer :))
Contacts:- A new column added for your ICQ UIN's

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20 July 1997

Bicknell's Guestbook:- William Bradley (Brad) Bicknell, Rhett Scott Becknell, Kenneth Lee Becknell.
Lounge:- Bicknell Newsgroup --- alt.family-names.bicknell A note from Ron Bicknell, We need you hooked up NOW!!
Genealogy Help Page:- Ron Bicknell, our Southern family specialist, added to list of genealogists offering help.
AND Ron's personal Biography added !

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17 July 1997

Bicknell's Guestbook:-  Joseph Phelps Bicknell, Eric Rodney Bicknell, Lysbeth Ann Bicknell
Contacts:- Welcome to yet another cyber Bicknell, Joe Bicknell

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12 July 1997

Bicknell's Guestbook:- Bill Bicknell, Michael Bicknell, Nan Gisius, Bobbie Bicknell Coray, Brenda Bicknell, Jerome Howard Michael Bicknell
Photo Album:- Added a shot of Jerry Bicknell and his Son Haley
Anti virus :- The MS Word Virus Vicinity (Spread by the German language version of MS Word)
Chat :- A list of the current Bicknell IRC nicknames - PLEASE Think about joining us!! It's great fun !!
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03 July 1997

Bicknell's Guestbook:- Steve Bicknell
Services :- "The Iron Triangle" Book by Edward A. Bicknell, The story of the 424th Artillery Battalion during the Korean War
Genealogy Help Page:- Bob (Robert) Bicknell now has a copy of Phyllis's 1913 Genealogy Update and would be happy to do 'Lookups'
Menu :- Newsletter Button added to the main menu, this links to Marcus's site where you can find the 'On Beacon Hill' Newsletters' :))
Surf Links:- Brian Bicknell :- Home page with a familiar feel :))) & Steve Bicknell Photography :- Fellow of the British Institute Professional Photography and Digital imaging.
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29 June 1997

Bicknell's Guestbook:- Mark Bicknell and Kristin Dick, HAVE you signed the Guest book yet ???
Chat :- Info. on a new 'Prefered' Voice mail (Internet Telephone) application - PowWow.. I'd love to talk to you for real !!!

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24 June 1997

Bicknell's Guestbook:- Trev Hartley and Anthony Gerald Becnel

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21 June 1997

Bicknell's Guestbook:- Tim Bicknell Number 100 :)))
NEW ! WebCards:- For you to send your favourite Cyber Cousins, that Anniversary, Birthday, Get well, Congratulations and Greetings Cards Etc. Electronically over the NET :)

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15 June 1997

Genealogy:- Revised to reduce the size (I'm running short on Web space), this change is to Marcus's European Family which has been halved by removing some collateral lines.

You may be please to hear that you will not see anymore of those pesky FxWeb Cookie requests as I've now removed the Webtraker statistical counters. :))

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10 June 1997

Bicknell's Guestbook:- Edith "Ish" Laurinda Bicknell
Lounge:- With thanks to Scott Bicknell ---- The ALL NEW - http://www.bicknell.net
and Last call for the Florida Gathering on the 5th October.

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29 May 1997

Bicknell's Guestbook:- Terry George Bicknell
Lounge:- Congratulations on the birth of Mark Bicknell

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27 May 1997

Bicknell's Guestbook:- Alan Davis, Douglas Bicknell, Christopher Norton Bicknell (Welcome!)
Services :- "Bicknell History and Genealogy of the Bicknell Family" NOW Just $65 !!
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19 May 1997

Bicknell's Guestbook:- Milicent Anne Yeager, Laura Bjorklund. WHO's GOING TO BE number 100 ??
Services :- "Bicknell History and Genealogy of the Bicknell Family" by T.W. Bicknell now in reprint !!
I'm trying to negotiate a discount :)) so don't be too hasty to purchase a copy.

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28 April 1997

Bicknell's Guestbook:- David Bicknell, Ryan Palsgaard-Higgs
Genealogy:- Added over 450 Entries kindly sent in by Ira Y Bicknell, This is the Southern Tennessee/Texas family and includes the link to the BECKNELL family line.

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22 April 1997

Bicknell's Guestbook:- Margaret Rosemary Weitkamp, Jennifer Lynn Bethke, Ian Webb, Barbara Greene, John Charles Bicknell.
Anti virus :- The AOL4FREE HOAX and the AOL4FREE.COM Trojan Horse

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09 April 1997

Genealogy:- NOW OVER 2,200 Entries following the latest Update from Marcus (Non USA/Canadian's)
Bicknell's Guestbook:- Petra Holmström (A Graphics specialist), Terri Lynne Bicknell, Edward Leonard Perry
Lounge:- The NEW! --- Bicknell Newsgroup --- alt.family-names.bicknell

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30 Mar 1997

Bicknell's Guestbook:- Ann, Clare Bicknell, Stuart Johnson (Fellow Zetneter!), Lamar (Darcnite2 on IRC).
Legends:- Captain William Becknell.  The Father Of The Santa Fe Trail

Please tell me if this new Background is causing any problems in reading/viewing the pages!

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22 Mar 1997

NEW ! PC/Net Information Page For guidance on IRC, Voice mail, and Anti virus
Lounge:- Aaron's Ideas for a chat scheldule! Let's hear your views
Surf Links:- Verified, -- a few new ones and the dead wood trimmed. Any suggestions for more are welcome.

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19 Mar 1997

Lounge:- Aaron has worn me out with E-mail so now he's going to turn to you :)).

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18 Mar 1997

NEW ! Marcus's WWW Home Page
Bicknell's Guestbook:- Gerald White, yet another IRC friend :)) and Terry Bicknell.

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16 Mar 1997

Lounge:- A request for Genealogy help by James Bicknell, and note added to the Genealogy Help.
Genealogy Help Page:- Dave Davisson added to list of genealogists offering help.
Bicknell's Guestbook:- Barry (^^Bartman^^ on mIRC) Cannon, Jimmy Bicknell V and Janice Tina Bicknell.

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15 Mar 1997

Lounge:- Ron Bicknell's note of thanks to Roberta and Belinda.
Bicknell's Guestbook:- John Wood (A good friend from my GW2K BBS days) and Feisal Kamil (another IRC Buddy)

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09 Mar 1997

Contacts:- Welcome to yet another cyber Bicknell, Maureen H Bicknell
Bicknell's Guestbook: Jeanette (Fisher) Bicknell, Maureen Helen Bicknell and Kathleen Litwin - Have YOU SIGNED it yet?
Genealogy Help Page: Scott has both the T.W's 1913 Book and Phyllis's 1981 suplement and would be happy to do lookups for the Bicknell Family. Thanks! Scott.
Webmaster Two pics of my VW Beetles added. Got that Karmen convertable yet Aaron??

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05 Mar 1997

Lounge:- A note about a very special letter !!!
Bicknell's Guestbook: Janice Knight and Rob Taylor (Another IRC friend)
Genealogy Help Page: Belinda has just recieved her T.W Bicknell 1913 Book and asked to be added to the list.
She'd be pleased to help with your Bicknell research.

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23 Feb 1997

Photo Album:- Added a shot of Aaron Bicknell.
Bicknell's Guestbook: David G. Bicknell, Claude E. Steen, Jr., M.D, St John Miall, Aaron Robert Bicknell, Lisa Hummel, Wanda Jensen, Makambo (An IRC buddy!)

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16 Feb 1997

Bicknell's Guestbook: David G. Bicknell, Claude E. Steen, Jr., M.D and St John Miall. Have YOU SIGNED it yet?
Lounge:- Netmeeting - Internet Telephone. Information added. Go on Make My Day, It's good to talk.
+ Del's questionnaire results (So far!) :- 21 replies, thank you. Please can I have the rest??

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 12 Feb 1997

Bicknell's Guestbook: Dawn Fahs Laubacker
NEW ! Genealogy Help Page Added to fill in those missing links, also listed is our own family genealogists willing to help
Surf Links:- Verified, -- a few new ones and the dead wood trimmed. Any suggestions for more are welcome.

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 9 Feb 1997

Genealogy:- New revised and larger
Lounge:- A further update on Inter Relay Chat (IRC) session, Join us Sat & Sun 19:00 GMT..
Photo Album:- Added a couple more of the Webmaster hard at it in mission control.
Bicknell's Guestbook:- Robert Thomaris Bicknell, Frank Joseph Bicknell, Rodney Brian Bicknell, Alex(ander Jonathan) Bicknell,Tony Henshall, Frank Polkinghorn, Jr, Nonie Kenney, Jay Salisbury - Thanks for Signing The Bicknell Guest book.

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 5 Feb 1997

Contacts:- Another on the list, Ron (David R)

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 4 Feb 1997

Lounge:- An update on the first Inter Relay Chat (IRC) session, Join us Sat & Sun 17:00 GMT..
Contacts:- Another on the list, Paul (Entex)

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 2 Feb1997

Lounge:- Del's basic guide to get you started in Inter Relay Chat (IRC), I hope to have regular live chats in private.
Congratulations on the birth of Corey Jonathan Bicknell
Bicknell's Guestbook:- 6 more entries added in the last week.
marcusde.htm (The photo of Marcus and Del) Fixed!! with thanks to Tedi Winkler for finding my duff HTML.

Footnote: There will be an update to the family tree in the near future. Just as I think it's ready, along comes another E-mail full of updates/additions. :-))))
And thanks to all those that have replied to my questionnaire, I'll let you know, by E-mail, the outcome.

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 26 Jan 1997

Photo Album:- Added a shot of Marcus and Del posing in front of a family tree.
Bicknell origins:- Added Photo's from Del's visit to Barrington, Somerset, UK -- Zachary's Home & Nicholas's Grave
Contacts:- Another on the list, Evangeline Bicknell Dollemore

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 12 Jan 1997

Lounge:- A message from Evangeline Bicknell Dollemore, to announce the birth of her son, Keiran.
Bicknell's Guestbook:- Barbara Bicknell Dempsey added to make the 50th entry, Thanks Jack and Barbara.

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 11 Jan 1997

Contacts:- Wesley's E-mail ID changed, Linda and David Steen's Home page link added.
Welcome to the new additions to the cyber family:-
Bobbie Bicknell Coray,
Titus Bicknell (Marcus's nephew) with Home page ,
Steve Bicknell
Products and Services:- Genealogy Books info moved.
Bicknell's Guestbook!:- I got fed up with 3rd party guestbooks, so with help from Lubin Poulton (Zetnet) I've now built our own, if you haven't yet done so, please --- Sign The Bicknell Guest
Lounge:- Del's trip to Florida, Sept 28. anyone like to meet me??
Photo Album:- At last, Barbara's joined me on the photo album. Come on the rest of you, don't be shy.
Origins:- Added two photo's taken during Derek's trip to Barrington, Somerset.

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 30 Dec 1996

Lounge:- A message from David R, Jr, A new Bick, just started online and found us.
Genealogy Index:- Added info. 2 Bicknell Genealogy Books, by Phyllis Bicknell Carroll and Thomas W. Bicknell

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29 Dec 1996

Lounge:- A message from Marcus, On Beacon Hill newsletter number 2 available soon.
Arms and Shields:- Coloured shield now available in A4 (99k) size by clicking on the image.

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26 Dec 1996

Bicknell Home Page:- Moved the Webmaster's personal info. to a new page.
Bicknell Home Page:- Added some basic statistical data on where our family can be found
Arms and Shields:- A coloured version of the largest shield.

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18 Dec 1996

Menu bar repaired, Whoops- did anyone notice I wonder?
Lounge:- A Christmas greeting from Kaz, Liam & Del
Surf Links:- More to keep you in cyberspace, with short descriptions

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17 Dec 1996

Contacts:- More Bicks on the list
Genealogy:- New revised and larger
Menu Bar updated:- News added, Search removed (Until it's working)
NEW ! legends page containing links to Bicknell stories and fabled characters.
What's New page added

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