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Bicknell publications and genealogy reference books... from the HIGGINSON BOOK COMPANY

"Bicknell History and Genealogy of the Bicknell Family"
by T.W. Bicknell, 620 pages, 1913

BICKNELL  History & genealogy of the Bicknell family & some collateral lines, of Normandy, Great Britain and America, by T. W. Bicknell. 620p. 1913.
Ref. bb00333
Softback - $59.00 BUY
Hardback - $71.00 BUY
BICKNELL  A mem. of a respectable & respected fam., esp. of Joshua Bicknell.
With tombstones inscrp. in Sarrington, R.I., by T. Bicknell. 48p. 1880.
Ref. bb00332
Softback - $9.50 BUY
Hardback - $21.50 BUY


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 "The Bicknell Genealogy" 1981
(Supplement to the 1913 Bicknell Genealogy by T.W. Bicknell)

Edited By Phyllis Bicknell Carroll,
170 So. Shady Retreat Rd., Doylestown, PA 18901 USA
Published by
Gateway Press, Inc., 111 Water Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21202

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"The History of the English Organ"
by Stephen Bicknell (Marcus's brother)

Available to family members at 25% off the list price of 45 (UKP)
from Marcus Bicknell

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 "The Iron Triangle"
by Edward A. Bicknell

The story of the men of The 424th Field Artillery Battalion in action during the Korean War years of 1950 -1952 (225 page Paperback $45)
Available from Edward Bicknell

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"WILLIAM BECKNELL Father of the Santa Fe Trail"
by Larry M. Beachum

Texas Western Press - The University of Texas at El Paso Paper:
ISBN 0-87404-127-9     Cloth: ISBN 0-87404-128-7

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148 Washington St.,
P.O. Box 778, Salem, Massachusetts,
phone: 978 745 7170, fax: 978 745 8025

Reprints of over 7,200 scarce books are now available through our catalogs.$4.00,
or free with an order of the BICKNELL book
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Steve Bicknell Photography
Fellow of the British Institute Professional Photography and Digital imaging.

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