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Pics of Del & friends
In no particular order

dave_del.jpg (9276 bytes) Dave Gambrell & Me (A very valued Texan Friend)
Taken in Fort Worth, TX, USA, October 1997

Del.jpg (71332 bytes)

Looking Sharp for my Business photo.... Would you buy a used car from this man?
March 1999
cottage.jpg (26706 bytes) Liam & Me outside Zachary Bicknell's home
Taken in Barrington, Somerset, UK, September 1996
del_map.jpg (51093 bytes) Del with USA Map & pins for the Cyber family
Taken in Aldershot, February 1997
goof_del.jpg (25012 bytes) MY HERO - Goofy with Del & Liam
Taken at Disney, Florida, USA, October 1997
marcus_d.jpg (13108 bytes) Marcus & Del infront of a genealogy map during our 1st meeting.
Taken at Marcus's house, UK, November 1996