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Tue, 19 May 1998  05:01:42  GMT by Marcus Bicknell

A NEW Beacon Hill Newsletter

It's the autobiographical Memoir written by William in 1816, added to in 1891 and 1821.
A social document of 200 years ago.
Transcribed from the hand-written original by Raymond Huia White of Auckland, New Zealand,
great-great-great-great-Grandson of William Bicknell 1783-1859.
Raymond Huia White’s mother was Florence Ivy Bicknell, great grand-daughter of Alfred James Bicknell 1817-1897, 11th of the 17 children of William Isaac Bicknell and Phoebe Honiborne.



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Wed, 17 Dec 1997 06:59:00 GMT by Marcus Bicknell

On Beacon Hill Newsletter No. 1 & 2 re-launched! allong with ANOTHER 3 enthrawling stories in Newsletter 3,4 and now 5.

Newsletter 3 Subject is Ellen Bicknell d. (1902-1994)
Newsletter 4 Subject is Raymond Bicknell (1875-1927):
             The Accident in the Southern Aiguille d'Arve
Newsletter 5 Subject is John Rupert Bicknell (1929-1997):

All available from Marcus Bicknell's NEW LOOK WWW pages at

Take a look :-)

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Sun 14th Dec 1997 19:40 GMT by Ron Bicknell


      I have came upon a site that is of interest to members of the Southern branch of the family.
It has some info including wills on the Cash family This is William Bicknell of Amherst Co.'s wifes family.
Included are her(Hannah's) fathers and grandfathers wills.
These are the oldest known ancestors in this line.
Check out Randy Martins genealogy page

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Wed, 3 Dec 1997 15:32:11GMT by Shelagh Bucknell

  Hi my name is Shelagh Bucknell nee Bicknell (yes that's correct, it's not a typo).
I live in Langley, British Columbia, Canada but was born in Halifax, West Yorkshire May 9, 1951.
My father was John Albert born Blackley April 28, 1921 died Halifax March 18, 1988.

I would be able to provide further Bicknell information.
Please reply.

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 Sun 16th Nov 1997 20:35 GMT by Derek Bicknell


Hello all, trust those I've not heard from recently are keeping well.

A short note to let you know that I'm currently in the process of working with Thomas W Bicknell's 1913 genealogy Book.
I will be writing up the First few chapters for inclusion on this web site and then I'll be spending endless hours entering the genealogy into our existing genealogy database.
Once done I will be posting the new genealogy HTML pages here for all to view :)
I apologize to those of you who have been kindly sent in their family lines to me and are patiently waiting for them to appear.
It's going to be a couple of months before I can get the next update together. SORRY!

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 Thur 6th Nov 1997 07:50 GMT by Derek Bicknell


You May be wondering if I did did return home! - Although I assure you Karen and I were very tempted to stay.

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Ira and Joanne for their gracious hospitality, they had me feeling like Royalty during my stay :))
AND a very big thank you to Wesley and Barbara for hosting a wonderful gathering of Bicknell cousins, it's left Karen, Liam and myself with life long memories.

SO??...    YES I'm Home...     Ummm, why so few changes???

Well I will beg for your forgiveness and offer a token excuse. Here goes!!
It would seem that during the short 3 week break away from Work, many unforseen events took place to present me with a large headache on my return.
To sum up, I'm now facing some very difficult career decisions and It's unlikely that I'll find the kind of stability I previously enjoyed, that afforded me the pleasures of my Cyber adventures.
But never fear, life will surely go on and I'm a born surviver.... the show must go on.

I must also make a concerted effort over the winter months to start my own research on the large number of Bicknell families in my imediate locality, which will include my own family roots along the way.

BUT and this is important, I would still like to maintain the ALL of the wonderful relationships that I have so enjoyed building with you all, Please don't take my inactivity as a sign of disinterest!!!!
Keep the mail coming, if need be I'll employ a secretary (Kaz) to help run the show :))
(All I need is an easy way to ask her! sugestions welcome)

Keep watching the 'What's New' page for changes, which will be announced in the alt.family-names.bicknell newsgroup.

Lastly, may I suggest you might like to have some fun 'behind my back' in contacting each other.
I can assure you that everyone of the 78 cousins (all related somehow!) on the Contacts page are the friendliest people on earth.
Don't take my word for it.... it's what makes our Bicknell Family the GREATEST :)))

That's all for the moment fokes, I have a Mini Bicknell gathering on Sunday 9th Nov to prepare for.
Take good care for now, with warmest regards from your Webmaster.
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 Wed, 24 Sep 1997 07:50 GMT by Derek Bicknell


Notice is given THAT ->

The Webmaster will be Goofing Off for 3 Weeks FUN in the SUN !!!

If you're interested here's how it Should work out :)

First stop Orlando on Saturday 26th Sept, for a overnight stop, then Flying again on Sunday to Fort Worth, TX.
Here I hope to meet a good friend (Dave) that I've made via IRC, the plan is quick tour of Fort Worth and a Bicknell Family meal at a famous Steak House called Cattlemen's.
Dave very kindly posted on for me a letter of intro and Meal invitation to the 14 Bick's that live around the Dallas/FW area,
not telling who might show up!
So - Monday - I hop on a Greyhound Bus and head East for a rendezvous with Ira Bicknell who will be my host for a few days.
Ira has talked about a trip north to find some state markers for William Becknell's pioneering Trail.
Friday - I fly back to Orlando, for a rest!!
Saturday - Karen, Liam and 5 other friends fly into town :)
Sunday - Karen, Liam and myself will be driving to St Petersburg to find Wesley Bicknell's home.
Here we hope to meet, Aaron, Ron, Dennis, Jeanette and Tedi for the afternoon.
Monday onwards will be 2 Weeks of Disney Fun - Yipeee :))))

Watch this space for the story of our Epic adventure and lot's of new Family photo's too.... when ( IF!! ) I return.



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 Fri, 12 Sep 1997 20:22 GMT by Derek Bicknell



                               1977 and/or 1985  Southern Bicknell Books written by Vera Reeve.

                        Will pay TOP DOLLAR.
                          Please contact Ron Bicknell


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WANTED !! - "Dead or Alive" A friend of mine, Neil, is an avid Model train Enthusiast and would be interested in buying
"American Flyer" S-Gauge rolling stock
If you have any that you are willing to sell, Please E-mail me and make a excenric Englishman deliriously happy AND NOW - APPEARING ON A PC SCREEN NEAR YOU..... DEL, KAZ and LIAM Oh, Yes another giant leap for Bicknell Kind, Hehehe.
How can this be - ???
Well - I've invested in a TV/Video PCI card for my PC which combined with a CamCorder and either MS Netmeeting or VocalTec's Internet Phone will send live video over the Net ->>> TO YOU :))))
Anyone brave enough to give it a try? - Set up an internet phone and be prepaired for a grinning Webmaster In Your face!!


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Mon, 01 Sep 97 09:16:48 PDT Doug Bicknell

Thought I would give this chat room a try, I'm pretty new at this so bear with me.
Just thought I'd say hello to all my fellow Bicknell's out there in cyberland.  Thin rule  

 Sun, 08 Aug 1997 1840 GMT by Derek Bicknell

The Web masters Hard Drive has Been replaced and is fully functional again, and all for free, thanks to those nice service chappies at Gateway 2000 !!

 NEWS NEWS NEWS ---->>>    The Bicknell's Newsgroup now available on DejaNews!!!!
You can now View ALL the postings that have been made to our family Newsgroup via the DejaNews WWW site.
From the First page on the site enter alt.family-names.bicknell in the top quick search box and and click the search button.
This should take you directly to the our newsgroup, showing the last 20 postings.
You can then click on any of them and read/reply as you wish.

Can I please ask you to make a posting to the group, with a short note, to let the rest of the family know you are able to view the postings. AND any other notes you may care to add :)

The Group sadly suffers from 'Spam' mail and some of it non too tasteful.
'Spam' is unavoidable and affects all 'Unmoderated' news groups, although steps can be taken (And I have).
Please don't let this put you off using the NG, it is a superb way of sharing your news with all your other cyber cousins.
Just bear in mind that the NG can be viewed by anyone so don't post any personal details.

OK, there you have it!! - over to you :)
Post anything, not just genealogy, we have a wide variety of interests throughout our diverse cyber family.
You would be surprised at how others may find your trivia interesting, I know I'd be fascinated to hear of any of my cousins interests. Let's have some fun with this, I have recently had some great chats through ICQ with several cousins in the session together, we can all make some wonder friendships using these tools...
SO don't be strangers, we are all one big happy family -->>> GO FOR IT! - HAVE SOME FUN  Thin rule

 Sun, 03 Aug 1997 21:51 GMT by Derek Bicknell

The Web masters Hard Drive has turned VERY SICK !!!
I'll need to get it replaced and then go through a reload of all the applications <Sniff>
I have all the valuable Bicknell Family Info. backed up to a second HDD so nothing is lost ! <Phew>
I will let you know here when all is well again - till then take care one and all !!  Thin rule  

Tue, 5 Aug 1997 13:47:14 BST by Bob Bicknell.


Just wanted to let you know that on a recent visit to the Massachusetts State Archives.
I went through the index to births, deaths and marriages in MA (years 1841-1905) and extracted all the Bicknell entries.
This index contains the person's name, the year of the event and the volume and page of the actual record.
I am now in the process of transcribing this information into a much larger spreadsheet of Bicknell vital record information.

If anyone needs a lookup on a specific person or persons please
let me know.

Bob Thin rule  

Sat, 2 Aug 1997 15:52:27 BST by  Ron Bicknell.

     Helen Walters - the vice president of the Bicknell Family Association is pleased to announce. The Bicknell Family Reunion On Aug. 9 1997.  It starts at 12:00 with a meeting afterwards. This event will be held at the Bicknell United Methodist church, 309 West 3rd street in Bicknell Indiana.

 It sounds like this may be their last gathering due to lack of interest.

With your permission I would like to fill people in on the family site.
 If this is their last meeting I will try my best to locate books and newsletters.
 Helen also mentions that the Bicknell library has Bicknell family info.  Thin rule  

Mon, 28 Jul 1997 12:41:09 BST by  Joe Bicknell.

Downloaded the ICQ program and found it a snap - not easy since I am just crawling out of PC illiteracy (See Dick. See Jane.  See Puff run.,etc).
It's an American joke about how most of us learn to read).
Look forward to hearing from distant cousins in distant places.
My number is 2394315.  And, of course, my address is Joe22853@ibm.net.
I hope others will notify me when they sign up, especially since it can be done automatically if you just follow the simple instructions.
If nothing else, I am learning more about the PC and the Internet.
Thanks for your helpful suggestions, Del.

Incidentally we had a little earthquake last Friday (a mere 4.9)
A sobering change of pace from the usually incredible San Diego weather.
No damage or injuries.  Just a good reminder that bad things can happen even in this earthly paradise.

Later dudes (and dudettes)

Joe Bicknell

P.S.  Any good Aussies out there?  Lemme hear from you, mate? Thin rule  

Fri, 18 Jul 1997 16:05:30 BST by Ron Bicknell.

  Let's not give up on the newsgroup yet.
I know all the crude spam is disgusting but this could be an invaluable tool to share genealogical information.
To this end I have posted info on Nehemiah Bicknell.
He is not part of my direct line but I have a lot of facts regarding his life.
If someone is interested in this info and can't access the newsgroup, E-mail me I'll be glad to respond.

Del's Note:
The news group could be a fabulous way to share all sorts of family information and bring us all a great deal closer.
It's up to you folks to make it work, so far I'm only aware of 8 Bicknell's who have access !!

To date these domains are carrying the Bicknell newsgroup.
Concentric.net   Spumco.com   Bellsouth.net   Chebucto.ns.ca   indigo.net   flash.net   cix.comuplink.co.uk
Now I know there are about 30 Bicknell's with AOL accounts!!! only Ron Bicknell has posted to let me know he's hooked up :(
I'm sure Ron would be willing to help his fellow AOL'ers get access to the group. PLEASE TRY!!

Naturally CompuServe, MSN and Prodigy are the main players and I'd be interested to know if any of you with these accounts can get to our NG??
If our Newsgroup is NOT listed by your ISP's news server - try to find the company News Administrator's E-mail ID and post request to them to have our Newsgroup added.
If you have problems in persuading them - tell them AOL is carrying the NG and threaten (If you dare) to leave your ISP in favour of an ISP that will give access... If you're not that brave :))) Mail Me and I'll put some heat on your News Admin., it worked in one case I tried !

May I BEG you (You know I'm good at that!!! ) to try and find the alt.family-names.bicknell Newsgroup and make an small 'Hello I'm here' posting to let the others know you're listening, that's all you need do - PLEASE DO IT !!

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Mon, 7 Jul 1997 16:33:21 BST by Bobbie Bicknell Coray.


 I'm back for a visit.
Let's add more genealogy to these messages!
I'm a descendant of Hiram Bicknell born in Stephentown, New York in 1807.
Hiram had two sons John and Hiram jr. and two daughters, Mary and Anna, he was married to Mary.

Anyone out there got more information on Hiram?

Keep up the good work, we really appreciate your putting this fab thing together!. Thin rule  

Tue, 10 June 1997 17:20 GMT by Derek Bicknell

The Bicknell Net :)

Scott Bicknell has now registered www.bicknell.net on the 'Internic'.
So now finding your favorite Web sites are even easier just enter http://www.bicknell.net as a URL.
For the time being it will take you directly to This Site, but as time goes on other Bicknell web sites will be plugged in!!

AND !!

Final plans are now being made for a small Bicknell Family gathering in Florida during the last week of September 1997.
If you would like details of When and Where - Please E-mail me :))   Thin rule

Tue, 29 May 1997 15:17 GMT by Derek Bicknell

The Family grows :))
Tim and Sarah Bicknell from Haslemere, Surrey, England have asked me to pass on their happy news.

Two weeks ahead of his expected arrival, Mark made his way into the world on the 26th of May,
as described by Tim....

"We arrived at the hospital at 7am and he was born at 9.50 so it all happened a bit suddenly.
He was only 5lb 14oz so quite small. I was at the birth and think that was probably big enough :-0
Sarah did not have any pain relief, as it was too late for anything except the gas, which she did not like".

This is Tim and Sarah's first child and I'd like to wish them all good health and happiness.

Right now Tim is hard at work trying to finish off the nursery which now requires completion ahead of schedule ready for Mother and Son's return from hospital tomorrow!!!!
It'll be some time before Mark conforms to any kind of schedule :)

And as a small point of interest.
Mark shares his birthday with my son Liam ! now 4 years old. Small world EH!

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Tue, 27 May 1997 22:45:00 GMT by Derek Bicknell

Hi to all :)
Sorry if it appears that the site has gone a little quiet lately, this is mainly due to the amount of work going on in other areas of the project. IRC chat, Newsgroup, and meetings in the 'flesh' :)

For now I'd like to offer some help to those studying the 'Southern' family.
Ron Bicknell has been very actively researching the Amherst county records and Kathy Tabb has a great deal of information to be included in this Branch.
Both have published valuable information in the Family Newsgroup - alt.family-names.bicknell

To this end I have put the descendants of
 William Bicknell  b: 1714 in Amherst Co., Virginia, USA d: 7 May 1781 in Amherst Co., Virginia, USA
In a self extracting Pkzipped GEDCOM format (No longer Available) Please contact me for the latest Version Del@Bicknell.net
for those that wish to download it and compare / add / amend / correct it.. for republication!
Using Netscape all that should be required is to click the Hyper link and Netscape should prompt you as to where you wish to save the file.

Aside from that I must thank all of you for your continue support in all of this work.
As time permits I will be sending a personal E-mail to each of you as it's important for me to keep the spirit of this project alive - namely family ties.:)) To date we have a Cyber family of about 100 !!! The friendliest family on the NET - Fantastic.

Thin rule

Tue, 09 Apr 1997 13:46:00 GMT by Derek Bicknell

NEWS NEWS NEWS ---->>>    The Bicknell's now have a Newsgroup!!!!

Yes Cuz, Del's been busy :))))
We now have our own newsgroup for all the Bick's and related names (Picknell, Pecknell, Becknell, Becnell Etc) to use to share absolutely anything!!
I will be using it to let you all know of changes to our Web Site 'On Beacon Hill'
But it would be nice to see news on other family related topics!
Hobies, genealogy request, Family meetings, Tips, the possibilities are endless!

Please try and subscribe to the newsgroup, if it's not listed on your news reader you'll need to send an E-mail to your News Admin and request that access be given to alt.family-names.bicknell
If you are able to subscribe, please post a mail in the newsgroup to let me know you're able to read/write to it.

Thin rule

Thu, 20 Mar 1997 15:46:41 GMT by Aaron Bicknell

I will check into other resources for netmeeting servers.
I will also look into getting Internet Phone for myself. Either way, I look forward to communicating over the net... without typing even.

Good points on both parts.
How about this for an idea.
Place a link on the Lounge page to a comprehensive IRC info/schedule page so the Bick Clan can arange online gatherings easily.

Webmasters Note:-
Thanks Aaron, I like the idea of the IRC info page.
I'll add it to the list of projects :)) - It's quite a long list, lots of new things going to happen here over the next few months.

On that note I'd also like to announce that Titus Bicknell and I will be getting together to double the effective size of On Beacon Hill - Please check out the new link to Marcus's page..
This will include putting Marcus's 'On Beacon Hill' newsletters online and provide more room for Bicknell Stories and Photo's, Not to mention that ever expanding Family Tree. Thin rule

Wed, 19 Mar 1997 15:05:25 GMT by Aaron Bicknell

Hey Del,

I figured I would actually contribute to the page instead of typing your ear off for a change :)
How has everything been running with MS NetMeeting?
I will have a respectable NetMeeting setup from home in a couple of months or so (after the move) and thought this would be a good forum to give it a test run with.

On another note.
Do you have it in the plans to make this page self posting?
I'm just thinking you could let us Bick surfers loose and save yourself the effort of having to update this page on a regular basis if we were able to post directly.
<shrug> just a suggestion.


Webmasters Note:-
MS NetMeeting works just fine, only I suspect the MS servers that are required to chat through may get a little too busy at peek times.
My preferred Voice mail software is now Internet Phone by Vocaltec.
It's has less techie features but is lots more fun to use, it loads quicker and I've not hit any congestion issues.

On the Self posting suggestion.. I'd like to consider this function but I'm aware of two obstacles.
1) - I believe this would require a Server Script (Zetnet at present don't allow user Scripts) :((
2) - I would not be able to retain any Moderation of the content - allowing the sad side of some (Non family) individuals to post unwelcome comments.
If you anyone can offer help to overcome these issues I'd love to hear them.
I have considered setting up a newsgroup for the family.... Any interest here.
I'd like to take this opportunity to encourage family members to join in an IRC chat in our Family channel. Thin rule

Sun, 16 Mar 1997 00:47:06 GMT by James Bicknell

Good work, Derek - I hope we can connect with some of the global family through your efforts.
I have a slight problem with my family back-tracking.
The earliest ancestor I can trace is from Clover Bottom, KY (no, I'm not kidding) :-))
This summer I hope to get up there to see if any further information can be gleaned.
Meanwhile, if anyone knows of any Bicknell family members who came from or moved to Clover Bottom, I'd appreciate a line.
The earliest ancestor I have record of is James Perry Bicknell (1860 - 1916).
My e-mail address is "jimbicb-sara@worldnet.att.net" or replly on the Bicknell Web page here.
Appreaciate any help.

James M. Bicknell
             Sarasota, FL. Thin rule

Sat, 15 Mar 1997 04:23:07 GMT by Ron Bicknell

I would like to thank Derek for the wonderful resource he has provided.
The genealogy helpers have been a great help.
A big thankyou to Belinda and Roberta for taking time out to promptly respond with helpful info.

Thanks again
           Ron Bicknell Thin rule

05 Mar1997 by Derek Bicknell

Me AGAIN.. This isn't a public library you know!! You are allowed to talk to each other!!

Anyway I'm not going to keep my bit of wonderful news to myself.
I had a hand written letter (Yes there are people who still use a pen) from... Wait for IT ---

Phyllis Bicknell Carroll --- and the crowd go wild! Yep s'true - 'THE' Bicknell genealogist

And what a wonderful lady she sounds too.
I know Wesley recently met with her in Florida and many of you have written to her.
Along with her husband, David, she spends the winter months sailing their boat around the Gulf of Mexico. (Lucky guys Hey!) and she expects to be back home in early June, when she plans to tackle the backlog of Genealogy data that is surely waiting.
A further update to her 1981 book might be considered if there's sufficient demand -- Form a queue behind me please!!

They hope to join us in Cyberspace later this year which would be a fantastic boost to those of us on the Net.

On another note - If you're happy to keep up with developments by checking the what's new page from time to time and would like me to stop my unsolicited update mails - Just whisper in my ear and I'll do as requested. OK? Thin rule

16 Feb1997 by Derek Bicknell

Del's questionnaire results (So far!) :- 21 replies, thank you.
19 are using Netscape so I've ditched MS Frontpage and will now build using Netscape Gold.
18 were interested in chatting on IRC with 4 having used it before.
I was very pleased that all those that replied have offered a Biography, which I'm gradually building?.
And I'm chuffed to bits that you all feel I'm doing a good job. Thin rule

27 Jan 1997 by Brian R. Bicknell

Corey Jonathan Bicknell was born on December 23,
1996 His parents are Brian R. Bicknell and Jill C. Bicknell of Palo Alto, CA USA Thin rule

12 Jan 1997 by Evangeline Bicknell Dollemore

Hello Bicknells all!
I've been invited to share the news of my new baby, so here I am.
Kieran Samuel Dollemore was born on Jan. 4, 1997 at 10:20 pm in Allentown Pennsylvania, USA.
He weighed in at 8 lb. 1oz. and measured 20" long.
Kieran is the son of Evangeline Bicknell Dollemore (myself) and Douglas Mark Dollemore (my husband) of the tiny hamlet of Alburtis, Pennsylvania.
My father is John Walter Bicknell of Little Deer Isle, Maine.
My sister Edith (aka Ish) and my nephew Aaron both have their names listed on this website.

Kieran is younger brother to Emily Foster Dollemore, born May 5, 1994, and half brother to my older son John Timothy Bicknell, born Sept. 22, 1975 (okay, so I'm no spring chick).
He tried to come out bass-ackwards, but as he was sitting cross-legged and facing sideways, the doctors didn't think that would work out and so they managed to actually turn him around so he could enter the world head first.
(if you think that would hurt, you're right, but it was better than having a cesarean section) Whee!
So now he's here and has a wonderful disposition and a head full of light chestnut hair.
Emily is adjusting very well to having a younger brother - I suppose that will last until he starts reaching for her toys.

I'm off to get some zzz's while I can.
Our e-mail address is thedolls@fast.net.
I'm a little slow reading my mail these days, but I do respond eventually.
In fact, once I get going, it's hard to stop. So I'm off. Thin rule

11 Jan 1997 by Derek Bicknell

Hi all. I trust you have all had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year holiday.

There may be a chance for me to meet some of our US family as I have now booked my flights to Orlando, FL, USA for 28th Sept 97 arriving in the evening.
Karen and Liam, along with some other friends, will be joining me on the 4th Oct for a fortnights fun.
I have set aside my first week to meet as many Bicknells as possible, so please let me know if there's any chance of a get together.
I would also consider further lights but would appreciate some idea of costs. Thin rule

30 Dec 1996 by David R Bicknell, Jr

Some Bicknell topics I would like to find info on:
A U.S. Admiral Bicknell-I remember years ago seeing this listing in a reference book.
Does anyone have info on the botanist that the Bicknell geranium is named after?
P.S. there is a Sharon Bicknell that appears on a state lottery show here in Ohio. Thin rule

29 Dec 1996 by Marcus Bicknell

Hi Bicknell
Have a happy new year holiday.
On Beacon Hill newsletter No2. is in the final stages of editing.
Reserve your copy now by E-mailing Derek or me.
Let me know if you can handle a Word Perfect file Otherwise it will be by snail mail.

Warm regards
Marcus Bicknell

Thin rule

18 Dec 1996 by Derek Bicknell
Seasons greetings to you all from Karen, Liam and Del.

The only down side of the cyber life is it's inability to convey real emotions.
I'm talking about the times I've broken into a large grin that has developed into a broad smile and onto a quick chuckle.. You know why, it's probably you that sent me the e-mail in the first place.
How could I have known only 4 months ago there was a world full of Bicknell's about to descend into my life, at my invitation of course :-))))

And so- A thousand Thanks .. how lifeless it looks on the screen.

I've come to learn several common sides to our family. Here's my findings.
1. There's too many Williams and Hannah's so please lets be more creative in the future, Only kiddin'.
2. We are big achievers, honest, I'm talking influential. We've played our part in many heraldic events.
3. Creative, Artistic and usually pretty fit, (Pulls flabby tum in).
4. No problem on the reproductive side, The Walton's HA!
5. Nomadic - I may as well have stood 20 yards away from the US map and thrown the pins. Too much space over there.
6. A proud bunch but never failing to be gracious when appropriate. Climbs down from soap box.

I'll not drag this out any further, you know how I hate long messages. (Not!)

The only gift I have to offer you all, is my continued commitment to our web site and the hope that it'll be something for our children to be proud of.

Please have the most enjoyable Christmas ever possible. Thin rule

28 Nov 1996 by Marcus Bicknell.

Hi Derek, Hi Bicknells.
I am at last on Zetnet and can access the Bicknell web site at
top speed. The 28,800 modem is running at 36,000 baud or so.
I have been able to see the picture of you and the family.
And here I am in the lounge. Folks can now contact me at
marcus.bicknell@zetnet.co.uk although I check my Compuserve account more often.

Bye for now


Thin rule

24 Nov 1996 by Derek Bicknell.

Del will kick off with, a great big hello to all those I talked too so far.
What a friendly bunch of Bicks we have scattered around the globe. It all started in early September 96 when I thought I'd do a search for Bicknell e-mail contacts and have some fun in chatting to some distant relative. Little did I know!, the first few replies I'd get would be like a Family history lesson. Bicks in the USA!, great, and not just a few. So who was this Zachary anyway? I'll blame Roberta, she told me where to find the Bykenhulle site near Barrington, Somerset, where our name came from. I just happened to be taking a holiday in that direction and a visit to Barrington seemed in order. Over a beer in the local pub the Landlord produced a book on the history of the Bicknell's in the village and the copied remains of St Mary's church records. Well needless to say my quest started there and then.
I've now had a meeting with one of the nicest gents on the planet, Marcus, and have agreed that he will continue his 10 Yrs+ research into the European Bicknell's and with my contacts in the united States I will pursue that line.
Those I have spoken to will know how I'm liable to rattle on, so I'll end here and get on with our genealogy research and keeping our web page growing. Bye for now.

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