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Bicknell Fables
Please click on one of the Bicknell links listed below to read of their exploits ! 
Thin Rule

Thin Rule

William Becknell - The origins of the Becknell name are beleived to be the same and this Story is a MUST!
The father of the Santa Fe trail  The story of how Captain Becknell's first blazed the Trail
Interactive Santa Fe Trail "Surf" the Santa Fe Trail through Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, & New Mexico:
The Santa Fe Medal  The 150th anniversay madal
The Becknell Home marker  A marker placed at the site of Becknell's home and some of his life's background.
Santa Fe Trail Net A link to more info on the Trail
The Interactive Santa Fe Trail (SFT) Homepage Another fabulous source from the University of Kansas

Thin Rule

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