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My Hobbies include:-

The Bicknell's, PC's (My current PC Spec), The Bicknell's,Chatting on IRC, The Bicknell's, Tarantula's (Yes, I have one!), The Bicknell's, VW Beetles, The Bicknell's, Woking Football (Soccer) Fanzine, The Bicknell's, Anything Internet & Pink Ink, The Bicknell's, having fun with my friends - but most of all loving Karen, Liam, Owen and Deena:)
And a little Skiing, Fishing and Paint-balling (time & money permitting)

Here's just two of my life's loves -  
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Jimmy has saddly now left home and is living happily somewhere! 
GAWSH was fully restored in September 1998 - See GAWSH's Diary