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Click here to view the  Bicknell Genealogy    Updated 10th June 2008
This includes the entries from T.W. Bicknell's 1913 genealogy of the Bicknell Family
With many thanks to Marcus Bicknell for the contribution of the European and Australian entries.

Genealogy Forum Genealogy Forum - an online Bicknell & Becknell discussion

Some notes to help you get the best from this Family tree.

If there's any genealogy you would like to tell us about please use the
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The following two books may be of help to those studying the USA genealogy.
Thank you to all who have made me aware of these publications.
"Bicknell History and Genealogy of the Bicknell Family" by T.W. Bicknell,
"The Bicknell Genealogy" 1981 (Supplement to the 1913 Bicknell Genealogyby T.W. Bicknell)
Edited By Phyllis Bicknell Carroll,
"WILLIAM BECKNELL Father of the Santa Fe Trail" by Larry M. Beachum
LDS Church's genealogy site with full access to the IGI

If you are a Bicknell and haven't already done so, please e-mail me your family history as far back as you can go.
With DOB/DOD, Birth place, Marriage detail and Sibling information. 
I'm adding all this data into a Ancestral database and hope to link as many of us Bicknell's as possible.

Many thanks to all those who have contacted me already, please keep in touch occasionally. 
I'd still like to hear from any other Bicknells and hope to make this Web Site THE BICKNELL SITE
Made by contributions from Bicknells around the world for Bicknells. 

If you have any ideas for this site please let me know.
You may use the Product/Services page to advertise. (Strictly Bicknells Only)

Genealogy Feedback Form

If you can add too or correct anything you find contained in the Family tree please complete this form.
If your information is more complex please send E-MOVE2.GIF (9787 bytes) to Webmaster:- DelThin rule

Some notes to help you get the best from this Family tree.

  • The first few Index pages consist of up to 20 ranges of names, Like From - To. i.e. Ann - Dorothea.
  • The next couple of Index pages will have the same 20 range format.
  • On the final Index page you will find up to 20 individuals listed, click on the person you would like to start at in the tree.
  • From an individuals entry in the tree either click the Father: Mother: or on one of the offspring , Family 1: is the Spouse.
  • You may also click on any of the names contained in the individuals tree.
  • You can also select from the Index of Surnames which when you click a chosen name will take you into the Persons Index at that Surname.

How to understand your family relationships - Siblings, Spouse, Step-, Half-, Cousins, Once removed, In-Laws etc

Here's a little tip that a few people have used to good effect when browsing the genealogy pages..
The Netscape Browser for the web uses a 'Memory Cache' system to store the pages that have been viewed.
This allows for the quick paging forward and backward. The pages are only held in this temporary cache whilst Netscape is open and clears when Netscape closes.
Now if you are able to close whatever application you use to connect to the Internet, thus freeing the phone line, but leave Netscape running, you should then be able to view all the pages you have viewed in that session.
I believe most Browsers, MS Internet Explorer, etc work in a similar fashion.
I use this method when there is detailed information on a web page and I want to study it at my leisure without running up the phone bill.
I just quickly page through the site, allowing each page to fully load, then close the Internet connection.
Leaving me to read through or print the pages still held in Netscape.