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The following Family members need assistance in identify the ancestors they are searching for. 
If you can offer any information, please E-mail the relevant Contact. Thank You. 
If you need help with your own Bicknell research - try one of our genealogists
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David Theodore BICKNELL 

BIRTH: 19 Sep 1919, A tent in a mining camp - DEATH: Feb 1980, NA (cremated)

Bobbie See request below
David (James)  Alfred Harrison BICKNELL 

BIRTH: 21 Mar 1888 - DEATH: 22 Oct 1939, Plainfield, New Jersey

David Lee  Robert BICKNELL 

BIRTH: UNKNOWN, Marshall, Michigan, USA - DEATH: 1983 

Dennis Jim S BICKNELL & A note about his Employ 

BIRTH: 8 Aug 1887, Birmingham, England - DEATH Unknown

Doug  Henry BICKNELL 

BIRTH: ABT 1850, England - DEATH: ABT 1880, Canada 

Eric Elwin John BICKNELL 


James E Yatemon A BICKNELL 

BIRTH: 1898, Kentucky, USA - DEATH: 1957

Jim M  Sylvester Campbell BICKNELL  

BIRTH: 1828, USA - DEATH: Clover Bottom, Kentucky, USA 

Looking for Sylvester's son - James Perry Bicknell (1860 - 1916) 

Father - Thomas BICKNELL 


Larry (w) William BICKNELL 

BIRTH: 1714, Amherst Co., Virginia, USA - DEATH: 7 May 1781, Amherst Co., Virginia, USA , 
Father - Samuel BICKNELL 


Robert C John Joseph BICKNELL 

BIRTH: ABT 1855, Massachusetts - DEATH: UNKNOWN 

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Bobbie's search -

The 1725 John married Ioreny Powell on December 24, 1751 and had John Bicknell on November 27, 1755 and a daughter Irany Bicknell May 18, 1752.
Both are in the Ashford Conn. records.
John Bicknell jr. married Anna Atwood August 30, 1781 and had Briana, Dec 6 1781, Hannah, Nov. 26, 1783, John Bicknell, Feb 8, 1786, Irana Bicknell, July 16, 1789. and Nancy Bicknell, May 8, 1791 all in Ashford Conn.

This is where it gets tricky.
John Jr. leaves Conn after the 1790 census and I believe is the John Bicknell in the 1800 NY Census in Stephentown, Rensselear County, NY.
In the 1800 census there is one male child between 10-16 which would be JohnIII, 3 females under 10, which could be one unamed daughter (new child) Nancy at 9, and Irana who would be about 10 or 11.
Then it says that there are 2 females 10-16 which could be Brianna and Hannah.
It also says there is one female in the 25-45 range and one over 45.
That could be Anna and Ironey Powell Bicknell.

In Stephentown Baptist Church records there is a record of a death of a Rainy Bicknell and the move or dismissal of Nancy Bicknell around 1830.
There also are a number of Conn. Atwoods and Powells in that area and many of the Connecticut Bicknells seem to have moved to NY in the Albany area during that time.

Hiram, my direct ancestor was born to the John in Stephentown, Rennselear County in 1807 and lives there until 1830, when John's name disappears from the record.
Hiram marries a Mary in Stephentown.
John Bicknell is the only Bicknell in Stephentown.
I am not sure whether or not Anna is his mother, she may have died and Hiram may be the result of a second marriage.
This is where I need help.

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Dennis's Grandfather -

I just discovered a bit of interesting information on my Grandfather.
I believe that I gave you his name as Jim S Bicknell.
Well to be precise his bith certificate probably shows James Simeon Bicknell.

Below is a note about him and his first employment.

The Globe Brick & Tile Company (Limited) Carrison Lane, Birmingham Telephone No. 3494 Mar. 25th 1908

This is to certfy that the bearer Jas Bicknell has been in my employ ever since he left school, & that I have always found him to be sober; steady & industrious.
He is a splendid worker, regular, attentive & interested in what he is doing, & I can also safely recommend him to any position requiring strict honesty & reliability.

I am sorry to lose him, & will at any time reply further to any questions as to his character & ability.

Signed:- A. H Stephensoil Managing Director (Member of the City Council of Birmingham)

... There are a few words that I had difficulty making out.
The first is Jas Bicknell.
I think this is a short familiar form of the name James.
The other difficulty I had was in the initials and spelling of the Managing Directors name.
The initials and spelling of his name may have an error or two.

I also have a citation given to my Grandfather Jame Simeon Bicknell on September 7th, 1918 during the war while he served withe the Canadian Infantry.

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Teddi Winkler's search -

I would like to trace a male child (Jesse Andrew) - born in 1868 to Harvey Bicknell and Sophia Bicknell (third wife).
I already know the existence of his younger sister, Jennie(born 1873), because I met her when I was a child...
although no one explained to me at that time which part of the family she came from.
I only knew her as an elderly tiny lady who was my grandmother's "Aunt Jennie."

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Bicknell Geanealogists

Here to help you - to research the Bicknell 's is our own family genealogists. Just E-mail them with details of the Bicknell you need to identify, and they may be able to help.


1913 Book 


Other material




Close to large LDS Genealogy Library in Utah. 




Just got the book and hoping to put it to use!

Dave Davisson



Willing to help with any lookups



Can borrow 1913 book. 



UK specialist. 

Robert C 



Has census records for MA (years 1841-1905) 




A hobby, very willing to help 




Southern Family specialist, ask for lookups

Ryan T 


Willing to help

H Scott



Book enquiries welcome

Tedi (Theiss) 



Suggested the genealogy help page 

Wesley R 



FTM Vol 1 & 2 CD's. US Specialist 

And don't forget - your Webmaster, :) I have the all of the family tree shown here in the Genindex from a Family Tree Maker database.