The Story of a BUG called GAWSH
Diary - Photos

A brief story of how Gawsh came into the Bicknell Family.

The first bug I worked on, Jimmy, was inherited by my first wife. It had a very low mileage having been bought new by my wife's grandparents and only used around town. So not surprisingly it was is excellent condition - Until!
On a memorable (for the wrong reasons) evening, as I waited at home for my Sister to bring Jimmy home following a brief spell on loan while their car was being fixed. Jimmy was assaulted by another car + loopy old lady driver...
I remember the knock on the door and the first sight of my sister in floods of tears, hardly able to talk !!!
Understandably I thought the VERY worst, my brother in-law had been seriously injured.
After several minutes of trying to make sense of what had happened. As told by my bereaved sibling, I discovered that it was only Jimmy that had been mortally wounded - Phew!
To sum up, Jimmy was deemed by the insurance company, to be beyond economical repair. Valued at 700 I had the option to buy back the broken bug from the Co.for 100 and use the remaining 600 to make my own repairs. - I did.
With many hours of work, new front bodywork, axle I had Jimmy ready for a re-spray.
I had a friend in the coachwork trade was coerced into helping me spray Jimmy with a High Glitter metallic finish on the bodywork and sparsely Mirror Flaked wings & Spoilers.... Jimmy looked great and went on to be my first Beetle Show Car.
Jimmy parted company from me along with my first wife & marriage. <Deep Sigh>

But I had been Bitten by the Bug!

I had a brief affair with a Triumph Dolomite Sprint that ended on one Icy evening buried front first in the only tree along a long stretch of harmless roadside - (And I know what you're thinking, you're wrong!!! )

So - I chose to cheer myself up and treated myself to one of the cars I'd always liked as a schoolboy
A white Opel Manta GTE.... good looking, fast & fun (well I wasn't going to impress the girls with a bug was I !)
I spent a bit of cash and had a 'Hot' top end job done on the engine making the darn thing sound great but also making it a real pain to drive in slow moving traffic.

But I never lost the love of a bug. So I had to get another one to play around with and re-build in my spare time.
And so George, a Sahara Beige bug became my second acquisition.
I spent far too much time and needless to say money, making George look the business, resulting in having to have to sell him as soon as he was finished to recoup some money. (truth be known, George was only ever fit for the Scrap Heap)


And so it came to pass that I remarried, gained a sister in-law, and went hunting for a good bug on her behalf.
I found one and (not sure Kay will ever forgive me) I told her it was over priced for it's condition.
HA!!!! - I bought it myself ! Boooo I hear, rightly so and worse still the Bug I did find for Kay ended up on the scrap heap.

So GAWSH came into my family and his story is now told in a diary that I have kept to record his life with us.

GAWSH in original 1990 look

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How did this Happen?