The diary of a Bug

Formalities :-
Make - Volkswagen
Model - 1200 Beetle Saloon
Colour - White
Fuel - Petrol
Cylinder Capacity - 1600 cc
Date of Registration - 26th September 1973
Adoption to the Bicknell Family - 26th March 1990
Having had 4 former Foster parents

Hereafter known as

Date +Photo Links Event Mileage


March 26th Bought for 1,395 from R G R Turner
March 30th Rubbed down front bonnet & re-sprayed
April 7th Stripped & re-sprayed front bumper
April 13th Changed broken clutch cable 154,513
April 17th New 8 Spoke white Empi wheels & tyres 154,986
April 24th M.O.T test, passed first time 155,308
August 2nd Drilled out vent holes in engine lid & fitted pancake filter
August 3rd Sprayed & fitted engine lid spoiler
August 18th Removed and stripped engine
August 19th Rubbed down engine parts & re-sprayed
August 26th Engine re-fitted with new cylinders & heads
August 27th Finished engine - now 1600 cc, Twin Delorto Carbs, 009 distributor. Ran first time! 158,439
September 5th Sprayed new running boards in white & Fitted
September 18 New Chrome dipstick
September 22nd Fitted new Degree Pulley and Generator wheel.
October 18th Engine tuned on Rolling road 160,690
October 22nd Back end badly bent by the idiot behind me - 'not' stopping. Grrrrr...
November 24th Back from workshop following Insurance repair.
New rear panel, wings, engine lid and Bumper


January 1st Changed O/S rear brake drum & new shoes.
Oil change & full service
February 16th Fitted front fog lights and twin tip exhaust
March 27th
to April 1st
Stripped out front end running gear and resprayed all parts red & White. Fitted new white Lowered Front Beam, Shocks and wheel cylinders. Front N/S wheel fouls wing.
April 4th Changed windscreen wiper shafts and overhauled the motor. Replaced front number plate 164, 222
April 24th Failed M.O.T :(
April 25th Fitted new Top & Bottom front ball joints on both sides
April 28th Replaced Front to rear brake pipes and fitted caster shims to front axle. 164,417
April 31st Failed M.O.T - Front O/S brake imbalance!
May 1st Failed M.O.T again! Rear Brake imbalance? & headlight reflectors tarnished ?? - Fitted 2 new headlights & Adj'd brakes. 164,517
May 2nd After trying 3 different testing centres, supposedly failing on different items, GAWSH Passed his M.O.T - Hurah!!
June 8th Removed engine & replaced all gearbox mountings. Renewed Clutch, pressure plate & Pad.
June 9th Refitted engine. Lubricated both window winder mech's. Fixed front O/S speaker 166,186
July 8th Changed Front O/S inner wheel bearing. Replaced oil pressure sensor 166,558
July 29th -
September 2nd
GAWSH off road for body strip and respray.
Respray by my own fair hand in my garage.


January 4th Adjusted free play in steering box. Rreplaced fule pipe throughout. 168,422
February 2nd Fitted uprated 100w fog lamp bulbs, new Coil, Fuel pump, distributor cap and plugs 169,405
May 5th Passed M.O.T 170,710
May 18th GAWSH goes to Monti Carlo - French holiday 173,626
June 6th Fitted new Oil filler & cap
June 20th Fitted new Fuel Filter and Front N/S outer bearing 173,894
July 7th Fitted new Front O/S outer bearing 173,924
July 16th Fitted new Steering Damper and re-painted front axle parts 174,247
October 30th Stripped & reprayed both rear inner wings. Replaced swing arm bushes. Lowered rear by 1 spline. Fitted new rear gas shocks. Fitted anti-camber kit. Fitted new rear lights. 175,560


- N.B. I got an office job, so from September 93 Gawsh was seldom used.
June 12th Failed M.O.T. - front brake imbalance & steering bush.
June 26th Passed M.O.T. 177,410
September 4th Replaced N/S strap on Anti-camber kit. 177,618
December 11th Major service. Fitted new sump plate & Drain Plug 177,681


April 26th GAWSH laid up in garage. Up on axle stands, all brake & wheel components removed & greased up.
Engine removed and 'filled' with oil. Body heavily coated in wax.


After 4 years in hibernation!
April 5th Re-fitted wheels and put on Patio awaiting his re-birth
April 15th Taken by flat-bed to Beetlelink to start the re-build
August 17th New interior fitted. Existing rear seat re-upholstered. Driver & passenger Reccaros re-upholstered and all door panels replaced  
September 25th One very white beetle, looking fantastic, collected from Grant Eggleton at Beetlelink.
October 11th Fitted longMill Prophet Amplifier, 2x150w Pioneer rear, 1x300w Pioneer Sub-woofer & 2x80w Pioneer front spearkers.   


The last project - the Engine  

June 21st

Engine removed and sent to Volkspares Highgate for uprating.  
Most of July Stripping engine bay & underbody panels. Repraying and undersealing area.  
August 3rd Gear box stripped, re-conditioned, primed and painted.  
September 14th 2.0 Ltr Stroker Engine rebuilt with Porsche style smoked carbon fibre fan kit. Twin 44 IDA Webbers.....WICKED :)  
October 12th GAWSH back home again looking just amazing