To help you enjoy a friendly Chat with the Bicknells Family

Welcome to the Bicknell World Chat Room on IRC, the Java Applet below will connect you to a DALnet IRC server, where there is an room called #del_bic for us all to chat in.
So Pick yourself a Nickname and click "Connect" to connect with other Bicknell cousins!

This application requires Java suport.
This server also available via IRC at:

If you do not have Java support you may wish to access DALnet in another way, for detailed options please check out Compatible Clients, when you do connect be sure to join the #del_bic chat room - we'll be waiting for you!

The Webmaster (Derek) Nickname GAWSH, hopes to be on the channel most Saturdays and Sundays at 19:00 GMT. This equates to :-
15:00 Atlantic time (Canada)
14:00 Eastern time
13:00 Central time
12:00 Mountain time
11:00 Pacific time
10:00 Alaska time

I'll usually spend around 3 to 4 hrs online.
I've registered the channel which means it is always there, even if no one is using it.
You are welcome to arrange with each other, vial E-mail, an agreed time to meet on the channel and chat.

I hope you'll find time to set this up and join us for a chat. Bye for now.

Here's a very basic note on IRC.

What is it ??, well errr. 'LIVE' E-mail.
A chat window opens on the screen and you will then see messages appear form the others in that channel.
You are free at any time to type your own message and once entered it too will appear for all the rest to see.
You simply chat, with a delay, dependant on the amount of IRC traffic, for messages to be sent or viewed
Facilities also exist to talk privately with anyone on the channel.
You can send and receive files from others with a simple click.
Pictures, graphics, sounds, games, any letters, scanned images, genealogy files all transferred easily.

I won't be protecting the channel until we're all used to it and only then if we feel the need for privacy. So be ware..
We'll all soon get to know each others nicks.
Any unwelcome, nuisance Nicks can be easily Kicked out of the channel and then Banned to prevent them entering again.
And further security measures can be added if required.

If you'd like to read more on mIRC there is more detail / FAQ's at -

Firstly if you haven't got any client software to run IRC then that's the first thing to do.
There a numerous software packages to be found by searching the WWW.
mIRC was the one that was recommended to me, it can be found at
or from your local Tucows site - locate the your closest mirror site and use the search facility to find mIRC.
mIRC is available in all PC formats, 16 and 32 Bit versions.

So assuming you've downloaded and installed it all OK! (If not mail ME)

When you first run mIRC the setup screen. should appear, here you ll need to enter your Real name, E-mail, Nickname and Alternate.

The channel is registered on DALnet for us so all you need to do is select the nearest DALnet server to your geographical location from the list, 'Connect to it' and then type in the join box -
del_bic (This will be the 'On Beacon Hill 4 IRC cyber Bicknells' channel)

Once joined hopefully you'll see a, Long ;), list of Nicks (Nicknames) in the right hand column of the channel windows.
These are the people already in the channel.
My nickname will be GAWSH, this is registered to me.. no one else can use this nick!! It will be me!!
All you need to do is type in the bar at the bottom of the channel window and press enter.
'Hello all' will usually get a response!!
Look out for the following other Family Nicknames (add them to the mIRC 'Notify List), Introduce yourself and say HI Bravehawk, CuzRon, Gridlok, Rice, Weskoon, TheGreatBrit, Amateur