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Career :- (my CV)

I left school in 1978 with a handfull of 'O' levels and was sucessful in my first and only ever job interview with the then named 'Post Office Telephones. I continued to progress through the engineering levels to become a Support Engineer on Digital Telephone Exchanges.

After 20 years with British Telecom, (B.T.), the company rapidly 'Downsizing', moral at an all time low, and nothing further to goad my inquisitive character -  I opted to take a release package and terminated my employment with B.T. in March 1998.
Having enjoyed the challenges of creating this web site and learning the reletively new technology of the WWW I chose to invest in a Certification program to obtain formal qualifications as a Webmaster.

I have also worked on developing WWW sites for a company called Pink Ink. that was the creation of Titus Bicknell and Nancy Proctor who are the founders of The Gallery Channel .

Once again in Jul 1999 I returned to telecomms with ntl. Employed as a Senior Network Performance Analyst until September 2006.

I'm currently the Owner of 6 Choi Kwang-Do Schools in Hampshire, UK. teaching the 'Martial Art for life'
See http://www.hampshireckd.com for full details

I crave the future dreamt by my son
and rise to the thoughts of a distant day
Toil for my descendant's fun
and to that end I say

Derek Bicknell

- Curriculum Vitae -


Farnborough College of Technology

BTEC level 4: Micro Electronics, Telephony, Electrical Principals, Industrial Relations

6 GCSEs or equivalent, 3 CSEs

Professional Training


Experienced IT and communications technician with extensive knowledge of database and advanced office automation techniques, looking to extend IT skills and progress into a training position.

Career History

Sep'06 to Date: Professional Choi Kwang-Do Martial Art instructor

Jul '99 to Sep '06: Network Performance Analyst with ntl., Crawley Court, Winchester.

Apr '98 to Jul '99: Self employed and T/A Beacon Communications, Aldershot, Hants

bulletDelivering personal IT hardware & software support to private and small business users.
bulletDeveloping Internet WWW sites under contract from Pink ink.

Jan ’97 to March '98: British Telecom (BT/Concert) Aldershot, Hants

Desktop IT Services Financial control assistant

'94 to dec. '96: Switch Network Performance Management (NPM)

1991 - 1994

1978 - 1991

Notable achievements