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During the decade I have been working on this project, I have had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with many of you through your letters. Several of you have indicated that this has sometimes been a rather one-sided exchange with my knowing my correspondants but not the reverse as my letters were mostly questions about your families but very little about myself. Consequently I did promise to include a bit about myself in this book. Now that the time has come to write this, however, I find I have neither the time (I have left this part to the very last and it is due at the typist tomorrow) nor the inclination to inc1ude pages & pages of autobiography as Thomas W. Bicknell did for himself in the 1913 volume. The basic "facts & figures are included in my genealogy entries as child and as adult. Adding that I got my B .S. in Chemistry from the University of Connecticut but now work part-time in a children’s library and that my husband Dave got his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the same school, later a Masters of Engineering Science at Penn State and works as an aerospace engineer for the Naval Air Deve1opment Center in Warminster, PA does not really tell much about us an people.