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"ZACHARY BICKNELL aged 45 yeare.
AGNIS BICKNELL his wife aged 27 yeare.*
Jno. BICKNELL his sonne aged 11 yeare.
Jno. Kitchin his servaunt 23 yeare."

From this little family has sprung a numerous progeny, scattered over all parts of the country. In correspondence with a number of the family it was suggested that an Association be formed for social and genealogical purposes. The plan was promptly responded to by those of the family in and near the old home town, and as the result of the consultation, the following circular was prepared and sent to as many of the Bicknells and their descent as were then known to the subscribers.

*There is probably an error in the transcription of Agnes’ age from the London records. The record of deaths in Braintree states that Agnes died in 1643, aged forty-eight years. If this be correct, she was thirty-seven years of age instead of twenty-seven in 1635, eight years prior to her death.