The Bicknell Family Association

Was formed at Boston, Mass., in December, 1879. Its object is to promote acquaintanceship and social relations among the different members of the family; also to collect material, with the endeavor to complete the genealogy of the family from the first ancestor, ZACHARY BICKNELL, who came from England, in 1635, and settled at Weymouth, Mass.

By the articles of Association, any of the Bicknell name or descent may become members by signing the articles or by requesting the Secretary to do so for them. The Annual Meeting for choice of officers is to be held at Boston, each year, in December.

It is proposed to hold a re-union of the family at Weymouth during the coming summer.

At present there are no membership fees; but to meet the expenses of Stationery, Printing and Postage, any sums the members may see fit to send the Treasurer will be thankfully received and judiciously expended.

We should be pleased to receive your name for membership; and also to have you send us the names of others of the family.

For the Executive Committee.

ALFRED BICKNELL, Corresponding Sec'y.


Boston, Feb. 2, 1880.

At a later meeting, held at Mr. Bicknell's, 43 Somerset street, Boston, Jan. 26, at which fourteen of the family were present, it was proposed that the meeting of the family be held at Weymouth, in June, 1880, and the whole matter was referred to the Executive Committee for their decision. At that meeting, Mr. E. B. Crane, of Worcester, read a paper on " The Coat-of-Arms" of the Bicknell Family, and presented a colored drawing of the emblems of the Bicknells of Spring Garden Terrace, London, as those to be recommended for adoption. Mr. T. W. Bicknell gave an account of "The Bicknell Name and its Corruptions." At a meeting of the Association May 27, the Executive Committee proposed that the family gathering be held at Weymouth, on Wednesday, September 22, 1880, and the following committees were chosen:

ON ENTERTAINMENT - The Executive Committee.
ON FINANCE - Alfred Bicknell, Ellery B. Crane and R. T. Bicknell.

The following persons were named to perform parts at the re-union:

The Address of Welcome - The President, Boston.
A Brief Family Story - Quincy Bicknell, Hingham.
The Historical Address - George A. Bicknell, M. C., Indiana.
The Poem - Mrs. A. H. Ames, Columbia, Penn.
Toast-Master - Zachariah L. Bicknell, Weymouth.

  The following circular, setting forth the main features of the proposed re-union, was afterwards widely circulated.