The Bicknells are born rulers. At home they rule with love, tempered with "a strong will; in society they rule with intelligence; in the church with godly fear, and in the State they rule with integrity, honor and true statesmanship.

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Our Legislators are such as the people require them to be.

If the people demand intelligence and learning and honor, these can readily he found; if the people are satisfied with ignorance and false pretences and venal trickery, these, also, can readily be found.

In general, the representative is better than the worst of his constituents and scarcely equal to the best of them.

If there is any deficiency in him it is the fault of his constituents who ought to have made a better choice. If there is any excellency in him, his constituents have the honor of their wise selection.

Let us hope that in the general progress of our institutions, "our Legislators" and their constituents will alike occupy higher ground in the future than they have reached in the past.