The Bicknell latch string is always out, and a warm welcome invites you to the hospitable circle. The Bicknell girls have often entertained angels— not unawares—and we offer to our invited guests, not only a choice seat at the table, but many chances to enter the fold and become one of us.

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M. E. Church, East Weymouth.

The invited guests share the pleasure of these festivities, notwithstanding the misfortune of not being born Bicknells. The assurance of a chance to enter the fold comes too late to many a guest, since other folds have been invaded, and such chances as these were have been already taken.

A great statesman of this country once said that "there is a moral and philosophical respect for our ancestors which elevates the character and improves the heart." The Bicknell family to-day recognize this truth, and their outside friends gladly unite with them in paying honor to the worthy men whose sturdy virtues were the foundation of that character in their descendants which has given honor to the Bicknell name in the past, and which promises to perpetuate it with increasing lustre in the future.