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(Organized December, 1879.)

Thos. W. Bicknell, President   
16 Hawley Street    .

    R. T. Bicknell, Sec'y and Treas.
     200 Devonshire Street.

Alfred Bicknell, Corresponding Sec'y.

33 Milk St., Boston, July 1, 1880.

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A Re-union of the members of our family will be held under the auspices of this Association, at

Weymouth, Mass., Wednesday, September 22,1880.

It has been thought by the members of our Association that it would be eminently pleasant and profitable to hold a general meeting of our Family,- one of the oldest and most respectable in our country,- in this town, where nearly two hundred and fifty years ago our common ancestor,


(the first settler of our name in America) planted the family from which has sprung the numerous progeny now scattered from Ocean to Ocean, and from the Lakes to the Gulf.

Suitable arrangements are being made to interest and entertain our friends and we hope and expect that representatives will be present from many States. It is proposed to spend the day on this historic ground, visit-log the several points of particular interest, and making and renewing acquaintanceship with each other. The meeting of welcome will take place at the Church, at which, the President of our Association (now in Europe) will be present and give us an historical address, including such information as he is able to gather while abroad touching our English Ancestry. The Hon. George A. Bicknell, M. C., from Indiana, is expected to he present, and will address the meeting, and there will be other exercises, including music, toasts, addresses and a poem, by members of our family. A dinner will he served, which we intend to make a very enjoyable feature of the occasion.

The expenses of the day will be very moderate, being simply for carfare from Boston and return, and dinner. In order to know how many to provide for, it is very desirable to know, approximately, how many will attend, and you are therefore requested to advise either of the undersigned of your intentions. The place of meeting is on the South Shore Branch of the Old Colony Railroad, about twelve miles from Boston, and a part of the day will be spent on an eminence commanding an extensive view of Massachusetts Bay and surroundings. As there are no hotels near the place of meeting, it will he necessary to return to Boston at night. In case you cannot attend we shall be pleased to receive any communication you may choose to make, to be read if time permits.

As we have the addresses of only a small portion of the members of our family, we hope each one receiving this notice will circulate the same as fully as possible. Any inquiries or suggestions may be addressed to either of the undersigned.

Thos. W. Bicknell, 6 Hawley Street, Boston.
Wm. E. Bicknell, 43 Somerset Street, "
Robt. T. Bicknell, 200 Devonshire St., "
Z. L. Bicknell, East Weymouth, or
Alfred Bicknell, 33 Milk Street, "

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 As the time of the meeting drew near, the Committee of Arrangements prepared the following programme of the proceedings at Weymouth.